At CPDM's 37th Anniversary, Women described as Pacifiers in Armed Conflict

While congratulating women for playing their part in nuturing the CPDM party to it's 37th birthday, more women have been encouraged to ensure that the CPDM familly grows bigger by multiplying the number of its militants, while ensuring that votes are casted in it's favour during elections.

Born on March 24th 1985 in Bamenda- Northwest region of Cameroon, the CPDM party continues to count it's successes while working on its failures. Nwana Mercy Tamafor, WCPDM President for Mezam 1C Nkwen- Bamenda, highlights the fact that women have over the years continued to lament over the loss of lives in the course of the ongoing armed conflict.

"...The women of the Northwest region have refused to see their own child die in their own hands, in this light women have fought relentlessly to keep the region and party intact, despite the socio-political crisis plaguing the NW/SW regions", she expantiated in her speech, celebrating the party's 37th anniversary.

Minister Mbah Acha Rose
Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achi

Justine Diffo 

Prof. Uphie Chinge

Some women in the Northwest region earmarked for making moves to see Peace return in the NWR; Minister Mbah Acha Rose, CAMTEL's GM, Achidi Judith Sunday, Senator Regina Mundi, Prof Uphie Chinge, Justine Diffo who made several calls telling those still carrying arms against the State and living in the bushes, to yield to the Head of State's Call and join the DDR Centres.

These women have in one way or the other supported grassroots women to be part of the Peace building process by providing support for these women to be able to carry on within a context of the armed conflict, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to overcome the challenges faced.

In citing these women, the WCPDM President, Mezam 1C says their support is proof that female Ministers, Senators, Mayors, Parliamentarians, from the Northwest region have in a way been empowered by the Head of State, so that they too can play their role where need be and fuster social cohesion, keep and protect the country's intergrity in their different spheres.

"..Women of the Northwest region have decided, that we cannot sit and watch our beloved party the CPDM die in the very place of its birth", this was the words of Nwana Mercy Tamafor describing the unflinching support of NW Women in the CPDM Party, to the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya.

Besides recognizing women and their role in attaining success stories with the CPDM party, Mekom Samuel Taleh YCPDM representing Youths in Mezam 1A, B and C sections explained that the CPDM party demonstrates signs of having the interest of youths at heart, as he explained in the Head of State's actions in giving Peace a chance to "misguided" youths living in the bushes.

"Our beloved party has stood the test of time, to prove itself in all forms to the people of this region as the one and only political party that has the interest of youths at heart. We the youths are very happy for this fatherly love, for giving Peace a chance to some misguided youths".

He explained that for the party's anniversary to hold in a serene atmosphere, on March 24th 2022,  are signs to indicate "that marks the beginning of a turning point in the region for Peace, Unity and Prosperity to return to the region".

By Ndefru Melanie
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