Film Producers Resolve to Focus on Industry's Growth

PGC, Producer's Guild of the Cameroon Film Industry had their Annual General Assembly Meeting for 2022, focused on the theme; Paving the Way Foward for a more Lucrative Film Industry, taking the commitment to give back what will make the Cameroon Film Industry grow stronger.

This association has existed since 2008, met at Bundes Marcsons Hotel Limbe to discuss ways of putting in their best in the Cameroon Film Industry, making it enviable.

Musi Waa is National President of the Producers' Guild, who took over office since 2019. He expresses satisfaction for having a conclave that discussed what to fix in the Cameroon Film Industry and reiterated that it hasn't been a bed of roses.

"The movie industry has grown beyond lips and bounds and film makers continue to make their difference at National and International Film festivals, grabbing awards in different domains which is proof of the growing successes". 

"The challenges in the Industry are; Lack of Distribution opportunities, the prevailing crisis have made film makers to migrate to other towns and cities thereby raising cost in production and change in film concepts, given the desired locations primarily planned".

According to the National President of Producers' Guild, through out his term of office, he terms the moments spent as "awesome", being at the helm of the PGC after serving as Founding Chairman of the Cameroon Film Industry for 7 years since its creation in 2008. 

"As I took over office of the PGC Guild and being the mother Guild of the Industry, I think the EXCO can use the platform to continue providing support and a better leverage for film makers, actors to gain the much desired visibility and marketting opportunities for their films the world over" Musi WAA, National President, PGC Guild. 

Their goal is to have film makers or Producers say they are successful in film making with a better return in investment.

"This is our major goal, making this come true to all Film Makers, Members of the Producer's Guild".

By Ndefru Melanie on Special assignment in Limbe 

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