Covid-19: 4th Round of Vaccination Campaign Launched in Adamawa

The 4th intensive vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has been launched in the Adamawa region. According to the Extended Vaccination Program (EPI), this campaign aims to rapidly improve vaccination coverage against Covid-19: at least 5,000 people will be vaccinated across the region in five days.

“...I want to give the assurance, from this rostrum, that the vaccines against Covid-19 used for this 4th intensive campaign are safe and effective. The effectiveness and safety of vaccines are priorities for our Government, which will ensure the health of all”. Regional Delegate of Public Health for Adamawa, Dr Djamilatou Leila.

Launched onMarch 16, 2022 at the explanade of the Lamidat in  Ngaoundéré, in the presence of the forces of law and order of the region in particular, The Governor, His Majesty Kildadi Taguieké Boucar, His Majesty Hayatou ISSA, the Prefect of Vina, Yves Bertrand Alienou, the populations and the city Mayor who expressed that "bringing the vaccine closer to the population increases the rate of acceptance of the vaccine"

The campaign sends a strong appeal on health related issues: "We must bear in mind that no one will be safe until the whole world is safe, hence the need to opt for vaccination, the only weapon of protection against the pandemic ".

 "With this intensive campaign which is starting, the vaccines are available in all the municipalities and in all the divisions and subdivisions of our region to ensure the fairness of the vaccine offer to all above the age of 18years. We want to bring the vaccine as close as possible to our compatriots. More than 1000 teams have been mobilized for this purpose.'' Governor Adamawa Region.

Dr. Djamilatou Leila invited all Cameroonians and all populations to be vaccinated for the protection of the population at large against the harmful consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Government introduced an effective policy, support mechanisms for the deployment of vaccination; such as the COVAX mechanism, as the vaccine remains the safest way to curb the spread of the virus in addition to barrier measures. 

Despite the availability of vaccines and the deployment of vaccination, there is a low and insufficient overall vaccination coverage to ensure collective immunity for the general population. 

Faced with this situation which puts the lives of its populations in danger, the Government with the support of technical and financial partners, has decided to organize this umpteenth campaign for the benefit of the populations.

In anticipation of any future waves of cases that may arise. The health district at Djohong division which is at the top of the list with very disciplined inhabitants of the town located in Mbéré, made informed choice to protect themselves against the virus.


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