CCMN AGM Validates No Proxy For Upcoming EGA

Representatives of CCMN members across Cameroon in AGM

Selected members of the Cameroon Community Media Network drawn from 6 chapters have voted- No Proxy as part of recommendations of their Annual General meeting. They added their voices to the charter document produced, to better revise network rules that will guide the network's EXCO both at Regional levels and at National Level.

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The AGM asked that all members from all chapters be present for upcoming EGA, suggesting that proxy is not tendered appropriately the way it ought to, requesting that all members fund their transport thru and fro, cast their votes as a sign of commitment to the network.

The Annual General Meeting held in Yaoundé on Friday 26th February 2021 in Yaoundé, bringing together 10 representatives of each chapter in Cameroon, including the National EXCO itself which had 5 members present in the AGM.

Members in work session

As the Peace network meets, aside other reccomendations that emmerged from the charter document, members were brief on reports from different quarters of the CCMN linked to the budget of the network.

Observations made after the activity and financial report as key aspects on agenda, revealed that most members were not well informed about the budget line in CCMN's execution of activities and some ressolved that there is lack of information flow in the Network, from the National Bureau down to grassroot members.

Deliberations on Course

A proper financial document was reccomended to brief all members on Income and Expenditure with appropriate budget lines, putting in place an advisory board (representing all chapters) that will check the work mechanism in both the Regional and National Bureau.

The CCMN network will have an EXCO member drop one position as recommended by the AGM, who felt that no member should hold double positions both at the Regional and National levels, but give opportunity for other members to contribute their lot to the Peace process.

It was agreed amongst other reccomendations taken that 75% of annual dues stays at the Regional Bureau while 25% goes to the National office. Despite calls from the National SG, Fonki Yannick for members to reconsider their votes given that the national was expected to deliver results, the votes were registered and moved for adoption.

The Peace network will have an EGA (Elective General Assembly) sometime during December 2021 to have a new EXCO continue the implemetation of these reccomendations arrived at the AGM and the Advisory Board members officially presented to ALL Members of CCMN's 6 Chapters in Cameroon.

Nanji Pelagie is correspondent for LTM Tv and a member of CCMN Buea, she makes observation on how grand CCMN's AGM had to look like.

Nanji Pelagie

"The maiden edition of the AGM is applaudable but the organizing committee still has much work to do with regards to the venue for an event of this magnitude. The deliberations were somewhat satisfactory as the amendments on the charter were satisfactory." She tells, Civiclens.

Rahim is CCMN member from the West region

"Am glad my opinion was allowed in my opinion to take a further step towards the progress of the CCMN as a structure and towards the total development of its members. The respect for democratic values which prevailed during these meetings in Yaoundé, massive and active participation of the various delegations. I noted inappropriate organization in terms of logistics. This suggests that some people did not do their job as expected of them. We believe that lessons will be learned for future success"

By Ndefru Melanie


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