Peace, Stability/Security threats Across African Countries, Calls for Immediate Action

Participants from different african countries have attended a Convening to discuss threats on Peace and Security affecting their countries. Panelists from Cameroon were not left out in experience sharing, which affected the daily lives of women, young girls and children most especially, in the course of the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

Part from the conflict faced in the Northern part of Cameroon, other conflicts have surfaced besides these major conflicts, causing the vulnerable to migrate and become victims of rape, prostitution, child abuse and exploitation.

Rethinking Africa Convening in collaboration with Global Leadership Academy, held a virtual session on February 25th and 26th 2021, a Convening that brought together Peace leaders and Change makers to discuss priority issues for the growth and development of these countries faced with conflict situations.

The network created space for exchanges to inspire, build leadership skills needed for continental transformation. Participants believed that change can come through work and commitment, by being part of the answers and solutions in different Communities, working in close collaboration with each other.

The armed conflict faced in the NorthWest region has caused thousands to be displaced, many amongst them homeless. Young girls, women, children have moved to bigger cities for labor and others find themselves being victims of sex exploitation. Most of these Children roam the streets, others forced into prostitution. Those who succeed to travel abroad are most times forced to do nasty jobs in order to survive.

Fabrice Fifonsi from Benin says the source of negative energy and causes of malpractice emanates from the lens of corruption, until individuals stand firm for accountability and transparency, this ill is yet to fade away.

"Getting a strategic response to this, is for everyone to act immediately.
We must be the Change we want to see in society, working together to think a way through fighting peace and security threats, trafficking of humans should be a collective effort." Fabrice Fifonsi.

Cameroon's female political figure, Kah Walla reiterated that it was time we work as a team to fight Democratic Violence, Dictatorship which are capital threats to African Countries.

Diego Osono told participants in the virtual hall that these problems faced in African countries are not just that of African Countries but an individual problem.

Fabrice Muchigan, GLAC African Ambassador shared his satisfaction with civiclens on the massive participation during the virtual session and the commitment of participants towards change in the African society.

"Am delighted and very satisfied by the massive participation of Africans from all sphere of life and from the entire globe, as well as people from the diaspora and other continent, in their commitment to bring about change in Africa. Most of them yearn for the need for change, contributing to untangling the enigmas of human insecurity and threat to peace on the continent from various perspectives, including migration, human trafficking, and democratic violence."

To him, what made the Convening special was the orientation to solution actions, not limited on the talking but identifying what would be key entry points, possible local solutions and projects that could be undertaken to start.

"I was impressed by this momentum and I believe we will continue and build on this network of game changers to contribute to Africa's transformation" He told civiclens.

Becky Bissong, a Journalist with CRTV Yaoundé, she was one of the Co- hosts from Cameroon and a member of GLAC AFRICA, she participated in the Trafficking in Persons Lab in 2018.

"I am largely satisfied with the interest shown by different social groups of Africans. The high participation by youth and women demonstrate their determination of these categories to participate in solving some of the problems that continue to hold Africa back." Becky Bissong.

"Lots of proposals have been tabled by panelists that will serve as next steps to address Democratic Violence, migration and Security Issues and Human Trafficking for a follow up on the #RethinkingAfrica convening" She added.

Different groups of civil societies, peace networks and many other Flag bearers of peace continue to push for societal change, reminding parties involved in conflict to seek ways to make peace for the growth and development of a society.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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