LIFIDEP Supports Producers/Farmers, Alleviating Poverty

In collaboration with partners and Funder; The Islamic Development Bank, LIFIDEP increase living standards in communities by providing subsidized inputs and equipments to producers in the NorthWest region to enable them plough their farms and nourish their animal with quality feed.

LIFIDEP, Project Coordinator

During the launch ceremony to distribute these inputs and equipments to farmers on March 3rd 2021, the project coordinator, Mbipeh Pius revealed that over the past years, over 6000 producers, staff and stakeholders have been trained on diverse topics amongst which are; poultry, small ruminant, fish production, pasture improvement and benefited from these.

Fon Angafor Mombooh
(Fon of Bambui)

Agriculture being the main activity practiced in the Northwest region, some farmers were beneficiaries of the items offered by LIFIDEP and the Government of Cameroon, funded by the Islamic Development Bank. The Beneficiaries were; small ruminant farmers, fish farmers, CDENO.

Most farmers in the NorthWest region have moved away from their farmlands to cultivate in other safer areas due to the ongoing armed conflict. In their search for a safe space, most crops and animals are not well nourished, thereby having a poor output. In order to farm and provide for a growing population, these farmers need to be empowered to have great results.

Souvenir Picture

Inputs like fish feed, dewormers, mineral licks, vitamins were distributed to beneficiaries at subsidized rates in order to boast production. It was tipped that distribution had started in Bamessing, after some mishaps recorded, some persons invaded the place and made away with everything.

The project coordinator reiterated challenges faced during the first phase of the distribution excercise which takes place during the advent of the ongoing crisis and the health crisis Covid19, that has haulted the realization of some activities envisaged.

Symbolic handing of items

Distribution of some of these inputs to farmers were at subsidized rates, as government's own way to accompany and support farmers in their quest to serve the growing population. With the challenges faced, the project coordinator requested for an interface in order to meet up with other phases previewed.

Items offered to farmers

Inputs distributed include; 270 tons of fish feed ( 10,000frs at a bag of 25kg), 34 refrigerators, 7ice making machines, 7 long Range Vaccine Cold boxes, 140 Vaccine carriers, 130 bottles of dewormers, 144 mineral licks, 84 sets of oxen tools, Vaccination syringes and other dosage amongst many others.

These items are meant to boost the growth of the livestock and fisheries sectors, also to increase the availability of quality products and curb importation. Mbipeh Pius said the project also involved the construction of  various zootechnical and social  infastructures.

The Project planned for the  construction of 20 Zootechnical Vertinary centres, 20 health centres, 20 Community halls, 16 cattle Dips, 25 vaccination crushes, 7 pasture improvement demonstration centres and also rehabilitating rural roads.

The implementing partners; Regional Delegation of livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, the Northwest Livestock Development Fund ( CDENO), the institute of Agricultural Research for Development ( IRAD) and consultants believe that having a 2nd phase immediately after the 1st will help chain up with other activities unexecuted.


In line with their request, the General Manager of MIDENO, Anye Cletus Matoya granted a 2nd phase to commence immediately after the first, in order to enhance animal production as LIFIDEP has growing Interest to support farmers.

View of Farmers in Attendance

MIDENO has been piloting rural development for over 40years to improve on the population's standard of living. The Importance and impact of LIFIDEP in accelerating the economy of the region, MIDENO continues to work hand in glove with government to support farmers in the NorthWest region.

Dr Emmanuel Samoh Yongabi is the Regional Delegate for Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Development. He appreciates the funder, the implementing partners of the project, promising to make use and follow up, to ensure that the inputs recieved are well utilised.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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