Northwest Region To Benefit From World Bank Funding, Using Local Realities

Partial View of Bamenda City

In order to get funding from the World Bank for the development of the Northwest Region, Indegenes have been urged to present local realities faced in their communities to effectively ameliorate and improve on living standards in a more sustainable manner.

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The need to document these local realities was the main focus of a Regional workshop on March 8th 2021, which held at MINEPAT Upstation Bamenda, for the drafting of Cameroon's Strategic note for Prevention and Resilience.

Consultant doing a presentation

"The Importance of this workshop is for the world bank, tackling the fragility/vulnerability, violence, conflict (FVC) in each region. Making inquiries to know exactly what are the causes of fragility conflicts in each region." Consultant, Agro Consulting.

According to the Consultant concerned with the drafting of a concept note for government, it is important to get those challenges that are perculiar to the local man, using the bottom-top approach, in order to get the appropriate needs of the community.

Glimpse of a ghost day in Bamenda

Given the difficulties faced in the crisis hit zones, ghost towns instituted by the seperatists fighters greatly affects the economy of the region. The desire to feed the growing population remains utmost priority to producers and buisness men and women.

In order for Cameroon, especially the Northwest region to be eligible to benefit from this funding, local challenges faced would have been better answered by the representatives of bike riders, taxi drivers, buyam sellams, quater heads, traditional rulers, leaders of cultural associations, who registered abscent.

Work session in groups

Though these target groups were not present, regional delegations concerned with the development of the Northwest region, sat in a groups for a work session, in order blend ideas and bring forth a write up that better explains the difficulties faced generally in communities.

The main problems experienced for development was key for the implementation of sustainable development goals and 2020/3030 agenda for Cameroon." we will gather all the details to come out with something that will help this country build a strategy note for the world bank", Consultant.

He did a Survey and a presentation in the workshop to reveal what is expected of the document to be produced, that will accelerate the processing of a strategic concept note, to get funding from the world bank.

Knowing the realities on the ground, elaborating on the inventory of fragility for conflicts, What is expected at the end and a general view of what the goals are and details of what is expected.

"We are here to know what is happening in this region, through those living here who are in contact with the local realities of this region, so that we will help the government prepare the strategic note for the eligibility of Cameroon to the Prevention and Resilience Allocation window of the world bank" Consultant.

The launching of the preliminary according to the Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique indicates government's devotion in the development of the region. He urged all stakeholders concerned to empower the region in the sector of social economy, by first of all identifying what is preventing development in the NorthWest region.

As part of resolutions, the need for sensitization was raised, for farmers/grazers on burning that is causing global climate change. To one of the groups, the state need to upgrade the indegenes on the burning of bushes through capacity building workshops.

On the issues of waste disposal, government according to participants should reinforce measures on environmental management and town planning.

The idea of an awareness campaign on soil cultivation too was raised as a necessary tool, to caution on the use of too much fertilizer being harmful to health and rather recommend the use of natural/compose manure should be used.

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To some of the participants they believed that there is too much laxity on the need to follow up, having regular controls from technical teams to the field, ensuring that no activity should be carried out without a permit.

The need to erect a public structure for the social vulnerable group in society was highly solicited. The aspect of security being a sensitive issue, was not overemphasized given the present context that prevents the execution of many projects.

SG at Governor's Office

The Secetary General at the Governor's office, Viang Mekala, proposed consultative participation
and deliberations to ameliorate the Resilience of Cameroon against conflict.

"I urge the consulting firm- Agora Consulting, to take contributions and remarks of this workshop into consideration, given the task holding within the present context and adopt the participatory approach" SG at Governor's office.

The World Bank is intensifying its support to countries experiencing vulnerability, conflict and violence to strengthen prevention and Resilience. Cameroon not left out given the multiple conflicts she is facing at fronts and other conflicts emmerging given the major conflicts.

Through the resolutions and analysis done from each region in Cameroon, regarding the persistence she is exposed to, the crisis situation requires an adapted and urgent response.

By Ndefru Melanie

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