Mayor Nana Aboubakar Supports Muslim Faithfuls in Ramadan

The first Deputy Mayor of the Ngan-Ha Council in Vina, Ngaoundére has encouraged and supported the Muslim faithfuls in the midst of their 30 days of Ramadan and  hoped that the month of piety would contribute to maintaining peace and social cohesion in the Adamawa region.

Muslims across the country began their fast on Sunday, April 03, 2022, Ramadan, and behalf of the young political elite of the CPDM in the Ngan-Ha community, the Mayor appreciated the Muslims for their  support and solidarity.

It's a month of penance and piety, Ramadan is a time marked by intense spirituality for the Muslim community. Fourth pillar of Islam, characterized by moments of deprivation, almsgiving, acts of faith and prayer. 

This year, the month is held in a context marked by a difficult security climate throughout the country. 

"I would also like to take this opportunity given to me by this time of increased spiritual practices towards Allah to formulate, for all Muslims in Cameroon, a good month of fasting", Mayor.

Ramadan is also the privileged occasion for spiritual renewal, kindness, tolerance, social justice, peace, resistance in the face of adversity, compassion for the poor and the construction of strengthening cohesion between humans. At the same time it testifies to the solidity between humans and God.

"Our country, which is currently embarking on a historic shift for its local well-being and real change for the communities that make it up, needs everyone's contribution to make it happen. I therefore urge all Muslims to make continual intercessions for greater Cameroon where the train of decentralization is on the sidelines", Mayor.

"May this month of pious devotions to Allah bring us peace, prosperity and health. I would also like to invite all believers to commune in prayer, piety, generosity, solidarity and unity for peace and the safeguard of the legendary peaceful cohabitation which constitutes an inestimable wealth for our homeland", talking to Muslim Faithfuls.

#Katakap in Ngaoundére 

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