MINJEC makes Proposals ahead of National Day Celebrations

During it's first preparatory meeting, MINJEC has made proposals, recommendations for themes and parades ahead of the 50th edition of national day celebrations in Cameroon.

Discussing Civil activities ahead of 20th May 2022, Minister Mounouna Foutsou emphasized the colours of the day should be revealing and has as dominant concerns; the implementation of REAMORCE, with a view on the moral and civic rearmament of the population, in particular through the Youths.

Activities that demonstrate a Living together, promoting the participation of young people in the national construction effort; Intermingling and exchanges between diverse population with a view to consolidate national integration.

As for the parade, MINJEC prescribed strict compliance with health measures; the reduction in the number of scrolling squares; and strict respect of the time allowed, namely 45 minutes in total (opening bouquet, primary, secondary, higher, extracurricular, political parties and closing bouquet).

During his speech, the Minister considered the possibility of launching a competition for the best CMJs, a competition that should in particular give precedence to the town halls that have had most activities with impact.

"It would also be a question of encouraging town halls to set up these structures more and young people to take part in them", MINJEC.

Celebrated this year under the theme "Defense and security forces at the service of the people, for the preservation of social peace and national cohesion, guarantee of the emergence of Cameroon", will also see the involvement of several administrative authorities.

MINJEC specified during the exchanges that priority will be given to civil-military actions. The Ministry of Defence, which is heavily involved in the organization of this event, will focus on awareness-raising activities for young people, and less on those aimed at repression.

MINDEF's representative mentioned the need to reach out to young people in order to change their mentalities, without automatically using repressive force, implementing activities aimed at the Rearmament of youth such as first aid, civic and moral education.

The Delegation for National Security for its part will ensure that security is maintained and that all activities will be carried out in a serene atmosphere, with the availability of its services to the Organizing Committee so that the 50th anniversary of the Unity Day is a success.

Partners to MINJEC have been urged to send in proposals to the Directorate of Civic Education and National Integration, for validation, discuss all main lines for a harmonized national program.

Communication Unit, MINJEC

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