NW MAFORs Committed to the Course, Mourning in Public

MAFORs in Prayer Session

Tilting their bodies and stretching their hands towards city chemist known by many who've witnessed the Ongoing crisis turned an armed conflict as the "Liberty Square", the MAFORs in the NorthWest region, believe the redemption to the ongoing crisis will come through several public mourning sessions.

NW MAFORs at Grandstand Bamenda

The MAFORs from within the NorthWest region made their outing once again in solidarity with CAMTEL's GM Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi, at the Bamenda Grandstand, commercial avenue on February 24th 2021.

Aishatou Issa representing the Muslim Community tells the press about the challenges she goes through in the face of the ongoing crisis and believes that these prayers organized by the CAMTEL's GM will bring change in the region.

"We don't go to the farm, children don't go to school, we don't have the means to buy food or pay fees, our children are desperate. These prayers said by women, in their nature being unique, will create positive impact on the population and then the region" Aishatou Issa, one of the mourners.

"I was a buisness woman, turned a farmer but right now I can't farm given the prevailing situation. Through this prayers we say may peace be restored in the NorthWest and Southwest regions." She told press.


Ndinwa Benedict is Public Relations officer for CAMTEL, he channelled words from CAMTEL's GM, one of the MAFORs of the NorthWest region. Telling the women that it is a commitment/ engagement Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi has taken and will support the course to join MAFORs in Mourning.

"I cannot be happy, while my sisters, mothers from the Northwest and Southwest regions are suffering. Children are killed day and night, I cannot sit in Yaoundé comfortably when blood is being shed, my sisters cannot go to their farms, they cannot go to the market to do their buisness, they cannot send their kids to school" words of CAMTEL's GM.

According to him, the whailing of the women for the return to normalcy has yielded fruits as the DDR Centres continues to register seperatists fighters dropping their weapons. Recalling the gesture made by Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi at the DDR centre in her last outing.

"About the impact today, the fruits we cannoy measure. The boys leaving the bushes day and night to join the DDR Centres in Buea and Bamenda. Ma Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi went to the DDR centre to encourage those who dropped their weapons, asking dem to encourage those who are still in the bushes to lay down arms". Ndinwa Benedict told Press.

It was tipped that the CAMTEL's GM lost her dad few weeks to the MAFORs' outing and was abscent from the mourning excercise. However she has committed herself to the course to denounce seperatists activities in the NorthWest region. 

Yet the sufferings continue, as the Northwest population witness an escalation in the armed conflict. Locally fabricated bombs stationed at unexpected spots by seperatists fighters, targeting their prey.

By Ndefru Melanie


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