MINAT Boss Recieves D.O's Office, Applauds Military/Civil Efforts

MINAT talking to Press in Bafut

Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has recieved the newly constructed D.O's office in Bafut, which was burnt down by separatist fighters.

"Calm is returning progressively in Bafut. Parents must continue playing their role for the return of Peace and normalcy in the region." MINAT Boss.

The local contractors had abandoned the site due to the unknown security situation of the area and didn't show up for the reconstruction that was tendered.

The military rapid intervention unit, BIR took the challenges
and reconstructed the burnt building. They added an innovation by providing watchtowers that could permit security officials identify people as far as one kilometre away from the building.

Speaking at the reception, Minister Atanga Nji Paul congratulated the professionalism of the military, commending their collaboration with civilians to ensure the security of people and their property.

To Minister Paul Atanga Nji, the DDR is a centre to learn a trade, offered by the Head of State, President Paul Biya to Ex-fighters willing to drop arms.


He explained to Press during a Security briefing that those who willfully drop arms, dangerous objects related to locally fabricated bombs, are not charged of any crimes or locked up.

Talking to Press

"Those willing to lay down arms, should hold a Peaceplant in the right-hand and a white handkerchief on the left hand as a sign of surrender" MINAT Boss.

Seperatists fighters willing to leave the bushes are adviced by Minister Paul Atanga Nji to drop their arms with local administrative authourities, if they feel scared to approach the Forces of Law and Order.

MINAT Reveals information about calls that came from some persons living at Mile 24 Bafut, saying guns have been hidden somewhere in that locality by seperatists fighters.

Security Meeting

The Minister salute the efforts of the local population, observing that these are signs that inclusive efforts have been made to ensure that seperatists fighters drop arms.

"Over 20 locally fabricated arms have been recovered, through phone calls made by persons living in the Mile 24 locality Bafut, saying seperatists fighters hid them there".

"This is an inclusive exercise. The Ex-fighters willing to drop arms should talk to the religious and traditional authourities that would facilitate their passage of being reintegrated into society again".
The Head of State, President Paul Biya has accorded favour to "terrorists" to drop their arms and join the DDR Centres, which the MINAT lays emphasis should be done without conditions.

"After dropping the weapons what next, how do u intergrade yourself in society. It is important to work within the structures put in place by the Prime Minister Head of Government" He concluded.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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