Six Regional Officers of the PCC Inducted

The Director of Church Centre Small Mankon Rev Jakai Jonathan, Regional Secetaries for lay training and evangelism Rev Zacheus, Women's Work Department Mrs Mbingwa Destiny Chebe, Communication and Station Manager, CBS Radio Gemnda Emmanuel and Youth Warden for PYC Kumbo, Woyu Lawrence have been inducted to carry out new functions in the Lord's Vineyard.

Officiating the induction and Institution rites, in times when the Northwest region is hard hit by an armed conflict, Rev. Emmanuel B. Massock, says that God himself will see to it that no harm comes to them while they all carry out their duties in their new offices.

"They should be aware of their responsibilities and be sure that when they speak, God will back them up. They should not be afraid" Officiating Minister.

Rev. Emmanuel Bassam was pleased with the efforts made by the organizing Committee, saluting the warm welcome he received from the Christians of Presbyterian Church Congregations in the North West Region following his arrival.

Revealing the PCC Moderator's message, it served as a wake up call to all Christians and leaders in Mezam Presbytery to remain faithful, steadfast despite the challenging times.

"The Moderator encourages Christians of Mezam Presbytery, inspiring our leaders, pastors, non clergy to have a vision; optimizing resources of the church, lead the Institution to self sustainability, manage basic reasources of the church, avoid problems or conflict, live in Peace and to announce the Hope on Jesus Christ in difficult times like this".

The Representative of PCC's Moderator in the NWR, Rev Asah Peter encouraged those taking up office to be firm in decision making and always seek God when in need.

"It has been a service to empower people to carry out services in the vineyard of God. It is time for them to go out and begin to serve the people of God through different channels and in different capacities".

To complement the success of the event was the PCC Secretary for Mezam, Rev. Ngwa Hosea Ambe, who noted that it has been a great success, looking at the turn out of participants and the organization of the church house.

"I feel challenged  to carry out  my tasks during  this  period  of  crisis in the Northwest region, am motivated by God's grace which assures me that I  can do all things through  Christ  who strengthens me. I advocate  for  peace Journalism and  conflict sensitive  reporting or communication. Team spirit and passion  for  work will propel me in office  to  push the vision of the PCC  and enable the voiceless  have a voice to the glory of God." Gemnda Emmanuel, Communication Secetary for PCC NWR

Graced by the various Movements of PCC Ntamulung (CMF, CWF, and CYF), Choirs, Pastors and their spouses, one would say it wasn't just a usual Sunday, a Sabbath meant for worship but in a context of an ongoing armed conflict, many had shun fear to celebrate their own.

The event served as an opportunity for workers in the various departments to reaffirm their commitments and trust in their leaders as well as the leaders assuring their staff of better working days ahead, that will enhance the growth and prospect of the church.

By Ndefru Melanie

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