Covid-19: Third Phase of Vaccination Campaign Postponed

New Release from Health Minister

Dr Manaouda Malachie has informed the population across Cameroon that the Intensified Vaccination Campaign against Covid-19 scheduled for October 27th to 31st has been postponed to November 17th to 21st 2021.

The third phase that intends to use the door to door service strategy, bringing the vaccine closer to the population and making it accessible to those willing to take their doses to fight the virus, Covid19.

The Vaccine will target persons above 18 years of age and while waiting for the phase to commence, over 191 accredited health districts across the nation are charged with functions to test, administer vaccines or medication.

The efforts to continue sensitizing the masses about the need to follow preventive measures to guard against the virus remains collective, yet the choice to prioritize health and get vaccinated remains individual.

By Ndefru Melanie


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