Talented Youths in Embroidery Receive Support from UNDP

Some young persons selected within Bamenda III Municipality through a Youth Organization; United Youth Organization (UYO) piloted by Melvine Songwe, have recieved support to boost their talents in marking and sewing traditional attire, as a way of promoting cultural values.

Over 50 youths were selected to be beneficiaries of this project from the United Nations Development Programme UNDP, some of who are persons living with disability, affected by the ongoing armed conflict and displaced from their home of Origin.

Each benefitiary recieved 5 packets of red and yellow threads, 16 packets of green, white and Orange thread, 12 metres of yellow material, tapes and packets of needles, with these items parceled in each plastic nylon paper.

A physically challenged person, displaced from the South west region, Agbor Elvis says he has not been very lucky with so many programs that he came across which required him to register and was glad that he has benefited from the gifts offered by UNDP.

"So many programs have come my way, we have applied severally and it was unsuccessful. I am supprised that I was selected, because I was not expecting this. I am happy that UNDP has come to our aid, to support us in what we do, promoting culture. I pray many other organizations copy this example".

A youth leader, Fonjuh Constance originates from the South West region, based in the Northwest region

"I practice what is done here in the Northwest region because I love their culture. I am happy to be part of this program and lack words to express gratitude for the items I have recieved. The parcel is too much and we say thanks to all those who have been able to support the works of our hands."

"What has been given to us is not meant for sale or auctioning, but should be a booster in what we do, give us a base and step up our capital in the business". She affrims.

The Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Odilia Fri Mbanwie was present to give motherly support to these youths, who've in one way or the other lost hopes in making profits in embroidery, producing traditional attires in different colours, shapes and sizes.

"I know how hard it has been for you the youths to pull through in times of crisis, in what you do through your hand work, yet I am very happy with the fact that most of you have remained steadfast in what you do, reason why you are getting support from UNDP."

"Coming together to promote and celebrate culture in this way, is another step towards the peace process. We pray many other youths emulate the example and join the fold." Odilia Fri Mbangwi, Youth Affairs Regional Delegate.

Fashion parade was one of the items on the agenda that coloured the day to display cultural outfits produced by these selected benefitiaries.

Present was a representative from the Regional House of Assembly, Awunti Gheunti who's domain is more concerned about the economy of the Northwest region, that has been hard hit by the crisis.

He was pleased with the focus of these youths, the need for them to strive amidst the constraints, promoting culture through works made of their hands and supported them with 100 thousand francs CFA.

Programed to hold on Peace day, held on October 22nd 2021 within the framework of the Recovery program carried out by UNDP, which is inline with their new strategic Plan 2022-2025 that describes their intentions to work with partners to deliver what’s required, applying integrated approaches aimed at transformative change.

The UNDP Program supports governments and communities to rebound from COVID-19, build forward better; a plan that is grounded in its commitment to eradicate poverty, accompanying countries in their pathways towards the SDGs and working towards fostering innovation and creativity to help change systems and tackle the hardest challenges standing between us and the SDGs.

By Ndefru Melanie

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