Covid-19: Public Service Minister Convocs Civil Servants to Get Vaccinated

In the advent of the third phase of the Covid-19 virus, considered to be more deadly and seen in the increase in number of deaths across the nation, the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms (MINFOPRA), Joseph Le has called on state employees in Cameroon to consider vaccination against COVID-19 a priority.

In a Press release on October 20 2021 signed by the Minister of the Public Service, as on instructions o
from the Prime Minister- Chief Dr. Joseph Dione Ngute, has embarked on a response strategy against COVID-19.

“It is not a matter of forcing you to be vaccinated, but rather letting you know about the existence of the virus and presenting to you the benefits of getting vaccinated as a way of saving lives. I urge you to do it in the interest of your well-being and that of society as a whole”.

The violent Delta Variant continues to rip off the lives of many, which now makes it a priority for vaccination procedures to be intensified. It is inline with this that the campaign for all personnels on the state payroll has been announced.

To facilitate the process of vaccination, proximity has been taken care of as explained by the Minister, Joseph Le.

"We are going to bring the vaccination teams, closer to the administrations to which you belong or to your geographical areas of residence”.

The Minister Public Service, Joseph Le has joined his voice with that of the Minister of Health, Dr. Manaouda Malachie to call on everyone to participate in the option of vaccination against coronavirus.

Employees both in active service or retired by this Press release charged to visit vaccination units and devolved services from the 5th to 30th November 2021 for vaccination.



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