PNDP Staff Greese Efforts of Students at GBHS Mendankwe

PNDP Staff Hands Gift to School Administration and Students

Safeguarding a bright future for students at Government Bilingual High School Mendankwe, the staff of PNDP offered over 60 Benches to the institution hoping that in times of crisis when students too suffer effects of an ongoing armed conflict, the gift will suit their needs.

Academic structures have suffered arson attacks, didactic materials in some of these schools have been looted, while other institutions have either become battle fields for armed groups, causing pupils and students to either stay back at home or run off to other areas for safety.

Thousands have displaced themselves in the course of the armed conflict and within the city of Bamenda, many people living in hostile areas have relocated to quaters that are less hostile or to communities willing to host them.

These movements have caused  congestion in host communities not leaving out schools found in these areas, hence cost of living became more expensive too.

Regional Coordinator for PNDP, NW

Nguoko Rene Bertrand, Regional Coordinator for PNDP Northwest region, explained that the reason for the gesture, as PNDP staff decided to donate benches falls under a citizen action that was initiated by the National Coordinator. 

View of Benches donated by PNDP Staff

He mentioned that PNDP staff donated the gift based on the information that came from the Regional Delegate for Secondary Education Ngwang Roland, with collaboration from the Principal of the school, to know the actual situation in GBHS Mendankwe.

"Since 2015 we have been carrying out such action nation wide. For the first edition in the Northwest Region, we helped some centres with some items only to find out that, the items provided couldn't be used because of the ongoing crisis. We later found out that GBHS Mendankwe stands out as the most populated school in the NWR and we thought that our action could extend to them after we discussed with the Principal of the school".

One of the major reasons for the congestion in GBHS Mendankwe is as a result of flooding of students migrating from other areas in order to persuit education, a right that is not guaranteed in the suburbs that is hard hit by the armed conflict.

MINSEC NW Appreciates the Gesture, acknowledges reception

The Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Ngwang Roland reiterated that it is a collective effort to help children go to school. Appreciating the Staff of PNDP, he challenged teachers to contribute in helping students in the best way possible, so that studies will hold smoothly.

"The act of generosity should be emulated. At a time when students are affected by the crisis, teachers too should also buy books, pens or pay fees for students who can't afford to be in school, because in times like this the solution to this crisis depends on individuals" Ngwang Roland, MINSEC NW.

Principal of GBHS Mendankwe

Awurua Esther is the Principal for GBHS Mendankwe, she appreciated the efforts of the Staff from PNDP who tailored their reasources to suit the needs of students in the institution. She told press that she will give the benches to the form 1 students of both the English and French section of the school.

"We appreciate this wonderful gesture from the staff of PNDP, it comes at a time when the institution is in dire need of benches. It will go ahead to facilitate the teaching and learning process, in the advent of the health Crisis; Covid-19 and the crisis. These benches will be distributed to the form one and 6eme students".

PNDP is a national program put in place by govt since 2004 to help councils master decentralization process. In the course of devt, the National Coordinator initiated an action called citizen action, to help persons living with disabilities. It is through this social action, that PNDP Staff is assisting when possible and where need be.

By Ndefru Melanie



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