"The Force of Innovation has Come to Mezam Centre and is Bound to Move ahead" Nestus Fru Manju

Incumbent Parliamentarian for Mezam Centre Constituency has made known his plan of action to the Press, as part of campaigns for upcoming elections, February  9th Twin Elections 2020.

He finds the project very challenging, as it involves imploring strategies to put an end to the ongoing conflict plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Regions, with more difficulties  faced in the Northwest.

"The boys involved are young and I understand their problems, we will have need to negotiate and talk with them so that together we will build a Nation of Peace, Unity, Love and Serenity." Nestus Fru Manjo

Running against Forbi Tchinda who has been on seat Since 2007, the incumbent feels competent to bring the change that has not been realised in his mandate.

" I don't want to talk about what he has done or hasn't done, I am coming with the vision of Development because we have not had much interms of Development" Incumbent said. 

" we are still lacking and we can do better for Mezam Centre constituency because I am coming with my experience from Central Administration ,knowing the stakes and challenges, I will know how to address them. "

He explains that most of the problems are that of youths and constituting over 65%  of the population, he is better positioned to meet their aspirations while in Parliament.

Occupying one of the biggest Parliamentary seats, he request for the collaboration of everyone to build a better city,  harnessing efforts and resources, together with stakeholders to fill the loop holes and make a better mandate. 

"We need to stop the quackmire, the internal wrangling, bring forces together and rally for development" He added. 

During the campaign period, he is confident to have done his best to convey his message but still believes that he can be guided even at the last minute to emerge victorious and change the face of the situation in the Region. 

" It depends on my electorate  to tell me where I am lacking,  because I know there might be shortcomings. When you are talking with voters, You talk with the Masses". Nestus Fru Manju

Ndefru's Diary

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