Youth Affairs Minister Signs Dual Partnership, Fascilitating Economic Intergration of Young People

The President of the Republic Paul Biya had prescribed to government on February 10, 2016, the launch of a three-year plan "Special Youth" which has affected various fields of activity an Initiative that has facilitated and accelerated the economic integration of young people, while giving them the opportunity to show their economic patriotism.

It is within this framework of the “Special-Youth” Triennial Plan that the Minister of Youth and Civic Education (Minjec), Mounouna Foutsou, proceeded to the signing of two partnership agreements; between the Cameroonian Bank of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Done on August 26th, 2021 in Yaoundé, a synthetic reading marking the context of these two partnership agreements was made by the Head of the Communications unit- MINJEC, Ketem David. The first agreement was signed between MINJEC represented by its Minister and the promoter of “Save our agriculture”, Kouatcha Simo Flavien.

Kouatcha Simo Flavien stressed the importance of agriculture and its commitment through business, to contribute to the development of Cameroon. He specifically talked about his availability to work with MINJEC to make agriculture a job niche that contributes to improving the diet in our country. 

“The partnership agreement that we signed today takes the place of the relevance of providing young people with specific skills in a priority area of ​​the national development strategy 2030. Several years ago I created a company that is developing and which is a pioneer in an innovative field of agriculture". 

"After MINJEC identified our company, it realized that what we were doing on the field was relevant and could spread to many other young people. We have become a technical partner in order to allow other young people from the 10 regions of the country to benefit from specialized training through multifunctional youth centers". Kouatcha Simo Flavien 

The second signature, partnership was between MINJEC and the Cameroonian SME Bank represented by its Managing Director, For Agnès Mandeng. This partnership comes at the right time in the context of the implementation of the Special Three-Year Youth Plan prescribed by the President of the Republic, Paul BIYA. 

She hoped that this cooperation would bear fruit in favor of the socio-economic integration of young people.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou expressed satisfaction for these signed partnerships which constitute additional mechanisms within the framework of the supervision of young Cameroonians. 

These partnership considered as quality Support, MINJEC invited all potential partners to propose solutions aimed at supporting all young Cameroonians throughout the national territory. 

"The support of young people should promote the granting of credits and technical facilities in order to help these young people to develop their businesses and projects." MINJEC.

The funding of the Special Three-Year Youth Plan is directed towards the six areas of craftsmanship, agriculture, industry, livestock, digital economy and technological innovation.

By Ndefru Melanie


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