Bamenda to Recieve a Modern Gas Filling Centre Worth Over 4 billion cfa

CSPH GM hands Souvenir Bouquet to City Mayor

The Hydro Carbon Price Stabilization Fund, with french appelation CSPH has revealed that a project, kept on hold for over 15 years will soon see the light of day. A board meeting held on December 30th 2020 in Yaoundé awarded Bamenda a project worth over 4-5 billion francs cfa.

GM in Conference Hall with Administration of NW

A storage centre to produce gas is under studies. According to the Manager of CSPH, Okie Johnson Ndoh, the project will need a surface area of 6-10hectares of land. Putting in place a modern Gas filling centre in the Northwest region is top priority for CSPH.

GM of CSPH speaks to City Council's Management Team

This announcement was made during the maiden visit of the General Manager of CSPH, Okie Johnson Ndoh in the Bamenda City Council on January 28th 2021, during which he solicited the SDO for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh to facilitate the matriculation papers within the shortest possible time, for studies to be done.

It was revealed that the year 2021 will be for technical studies to be done and within the 2022 budget, the project will be executed. The letter endorsing the project was handed to the President of the President of the Regional Bureau Executive, Prof Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi, to the SDO and the City Mayor, Paul Achombang.

GM walks through different departments of BCC, led by City Mayor

The GM adviced that studies should be done considering the loop holes experienced already with thesame project that is ongoing in Bertoua. If the project is implemted and recieved in Bamenda, there will be no need for the purchase of cooking gas from Bafoussam.

"This is the good news for people of the Northwest region and it needs collective relationship to implement the project." GM CSPH.

City Mayor Introduces GM to Tomatoe farm.

After leading the GM to different departments of the Bamenda City Council, he did not fail to introduce the General Manager of CSPH to the Bamenda City Council's tomatoe farm, an activity that has engaged the city council  to realise best results through the production and distribution of its product.

"Ressources are harnessed from the piece of land can be worth a million francs cfa, tomatoes have been distributed to schools, orphanages and some given to individuals. What we need is a plant that can turn these finished products to paste so that we can market nationally and even beyond" Bamenda City Mayor.

Part of CSPH's objectives is to stabilize prices of hydrocarbon products and to make sure consumers have access to these products. This structure looks out for petroleum products and cater for domestic gas which is used in homes, it is also part of their main activity.

In performing its duties, CSPH alternatively intervenes on behalf of the State to meet government policy through the funding of important social projects.  

By Ndefru Melanie


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