Kumba Municipality Experiences a New Dawn

Kumba City Mayor, Gregory Mewanu

Like Oliver Twist, the Kumba City Mayor, Gregory Mewanu continues to ask for more projects for the Kumba Municipality. He begins work on maintaining roads, provide pipe borne water and engages with ENEO for quality energy supply.

Since his appointment to office on October 22nd 2020, he believes the aspirations of the people should be top priority.

"I came to office for the people and thinking of the people in Kumba, I think of development; maintaining the roads, provide pipe borne water, electricity, providing security, educational system, all of these to improve living and social standards".

This concerns he raised during an interview after the abortive Session of kumba I Sub Division which held on January 28th, 2021. He recommended that work must go on, asking the people to refrain from always waiting on Government for everything.

"We should begin using what we have rather than wait on the state, who will come in at anytime and give a push and a good part of the work will be realized. Let us use the available means to begin meeting our goals." Gregory Mewanu, Kumba City Mayor

The Mayor is conscious about the upcoming days which will clock him a 100 days in office, yet he doesn't feel happy because alot of objectives have not been attained, but is thankful about collaboration so far from the people on what has already been achieved.

"I am not yet satisfied. Yes we may have have achieved something, there may be some few advancement but all of these are just greese on our elbows to do more", Kumba City Mayor.

Work has began in the line of supplying pipeborne water and the Kumba City Mayor also announced his collaboration with ENEO to begin improving on power supply.

By Ndefru Melanie

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