Mayor MISAJE Council Reveals Secret Behind 100% Execution in PIB 2020

Mayor MISAJE Council

MISAJE Council has been being hailed for implementing the Public Investment Budget of 2020 at a 100%. Mayor Mgbata Sammy of MISAJE Council has revealed the secret behind his success during a participatory follow up meeting.

"The success behind the actions of MISAJE Council comes from the campaign strategies prepared long time ago. Most importantly my team and I have worked hard to maintain the minds of the people, especially during the ongoing crisis preventing the people from being derailed" Mayor of MISAJE Council.

"Room was given for elites within the villages in MISAJE to discuss their difficulties together and seek solutions, cautioned bike riders in their njangi meetings and gave stipends. Not forgetting vigilante groups that were formed and funds raised to support them. All of these helped everyone be each other's keeper" Mayor Mgbata Sammy.

View of the hall

This assertion was made known to the press in Bamenda, at MINEPAT hall on January 28th 2021 during a Participatory Follow Up meeting, revisiting projects that had been haulted in 2020 and planning for 2021 projects to take off.

The Mayor of MISAJE Council explained that the entrance to his municipality is guarded by the Forces of Law and Order, reason why with the help of Vigilante groups the area is a complete workspace.

He presented a catalogue of projects executed like the grandstand, schools, markets, health centres, vertinary centres which are now being enjoyed by his people.

Hon Wallang Richard, Chairman of Participatory Follow Up Committee NW

The Chairman for the Participatory Follow Up Committee for the Northwest region, Honorable Wallang Richard Ebua asked stakeholders concerned in the execution of projects to promote transparency in the exception of public investment budget.

Chairman talks to Press

As maintained by the Chairman, providing information to all beneficiaries in local areas should be priority to those willing and ready to execute contracts.

He encouraged collaboration between inhabitants who have good mastery of local realities on the ground and the award authourity, giving local contractors the chance to execute projects.

Regional Delegate MINEPAT

The synergy existing in the technical team could not be over emphasized. The Regional Delegate for MINEPAT, HRH (Chief Fotsop) Dominic Yenai Asaah was pleased with the good practices of the Regional Tender Board, promote Mayors and Stakeholders to do all in their power to follow up on the implementation and execution of projects.

MISAJE Made up of 12villages, it is found in Donga Mantung, Northwest region of Cameroon. The town lies at the top of the Ring Road, about 15 kilometers west of Nkambe where the Ring Road meets the road north to Dumbu and the border with Nigeria.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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