Bafut/Tubah Elite Fulfil their Promise

Tubah Mayor, Tanjong Martin

Senator Regina Mundi

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin in collaboration with Senator Regina Mundi and the Member of Parliament for Bafut/Tubah Constituency, Agho Oliver kept to their promise and gave scholarship to 23 students in the University of Bamenda.

These students were chosen following a council notice sent out to all churches in Tubah on October 27th 2020, that called for applications from students who could not afford their tution fees in the University.

After applications, 23 students were chosen based on their background, based on proof that they needed support; as background information gotten from interviews with the Mayor of Tubah.

Hon. Agho Oliver, MP Bafut/Tubah Constituency

Of the 23 students, 3 are masters students, 16 are of level 100, 2 level 200 and 4 level 300. Hon. Agho Oliver contributed 300,000frs, Senator Regina Mundi contributed 100,000frs, the Mayor contributed 1,104,000frs.

By Ndefru Melanie

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