Archbishop Andrew Nkea Gets Full Episcopal Authority

His Grace Archbishop Andrew Nkea Recieves Pallium

His Grace, Archbishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea receives the Pallium, a symbol of authority within his Ecclesiastical Province from the Secetary of State, Vatican City Pietro Cardinal Parolin.

The Pallium,a symbol of authority that marks the beginning of every archbishop's mandate was placed on His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea on January 31st at the Catholic Cathedral Big Mankon, Bamenda.

The Archbishop mentioned the challenges faced by the people at the time His Eminence Pietro Cardinal Parolin arrived Bamenda, yet appreciated Christains for keeping the faith as they turned out in their numbers for Mass.

"The people of Bamenda have gone through alot of suffering, displaced persons and others turned refugees, buisnesses shut down, our children denied education, many others killed, yet the church has not relented efforts to carry the message of the gospel as a light of hope" 

Christains attending Mass at Cathedral 

"A people that walk in the darkness have seen a great light. The rejoice in your presence, in this time of crisis because we see you as a messenger of peace, as an ambassador of reconciliation, as a promoter of justice and in you, we see the presence of the Holy Father Pope francis himself amongst us.

"His prescence is a consoling prescence, his blessings brings peace, and his words come as the anointing for the wounds of those who are bleeding. We lack many things but one thing we don't lack is faith. The faith of those gathered here is greater than politics, intimidation and their prescence is a proof that the devil is a liar" Archbishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea.

His Eminence Recieves gifts from different groups 

Key messages of Serenity and Vigilance are the watchwords drawn from the day's Gospel teaching. His Eminence mentioned the sufferings of the people,the victims of violence, those who have lost love ones in the crisis, cautioning them to collectively contribute for the return of long lasting Peace.

Familly Souvenir Photo

"Let us train ourselves everyday for this battle, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. No one should feel exhonorated above the struggle against evil, this is the challenge that faces you today; that arms may be laid down,so that peace and reconciliation may reign amongst us and arround us." His Eminence.

"Violence never solves problems, dialogue is the best way to solve conflicts and misunderstanding." His Eminence Pietro Cardinal Parolin.

Ministers in Familly Photo with His Eminence

A College of Ministers, traditional rulers and the Secetary General at the Presidency Ngoh Ngoh Ferdinand attended mass, got key messages delivered by the Archbishop Andrew Nkea and His Eminence Pietro Cardinal Parolin, on Peace reconciliation and dialogue.

The Pallium is a symbol of a particular bond of communion with the pope, blessed by the pope on the feast of St Agnes, go in search of the lost sheep, embrace it on his own shoulders. It is the power that the Archbishop excercise in his Ecclesiastical Province.

By Ndefru Melanie

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