20th May Celebrations: MINJEC task Committees to focus ahead of the launch

Proposals have been made from different committees tasked with activities ahead of the launch of 20th May activities. Their proposals were supported by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, particularly in view of its contribution to the consolidation of the unity of Cameroon.

Series of exchanges tickled Minister Mounouna Foutsou to give instructions relating to the implementation of the various activities adopted and presented.

In compliance with the prescriptions of the civil cabinet; compliance with the ToRs selected and the allocated budget; work in synergy with the other commissions; compliance with the eventual repetition schedule for the sectorials, while requesting the monitor the activities and the direction of the general affairs, that the resources are made available.

The work session was chaired by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, on April 21, 2022 in Yaoundé, in prelude to the celebration of the National Day. It was with the report of the first meeting that work began.

Presented by Gildas Touna, a framework for studies at the Department of Civic Education and National Integration (Decin), highlights with the different specificities of the themes were discussed that day. 

These include the major, specific activities as well as the objectives to be achieved during this celebration. In total, all the activities decided upon will take place throughout the national territory with variations at the national and local levels.

MINJEC insisted on recalling the importance of this celebration which passes through the implementation of the various activities decided upon, from everal committee leaders then presented the perceptible progress within their various committees.

As for the official launch of the civil demonstrations, the representative of the president of the commission Epoko Epoko Anselme, indicated that arrangements have already been made as part of the preparations for the launch of this celebration in partnership with the local municipal executive of the launch area. 

Tankeng Alphonse, Head of the Studies and Projects Division at Minjec presented the different neighborhoods formed within the framework of the organizing committee. The head of the neighborhood commission for cheaper life, Abdoul Karim Nassourou indicated that steps have been taken to facilitate the access of populations to basic necessities. 

On this subject, the Minister Mounouna Foutsou insisted on the training of young people on the access of these products to all and the granting of support to young people trained within the framework of the Pts-Jeunes to reduce the rise in prices on the market. 

Also, he evoked the initiation of young ladies to the local culinary art. For her part, Atanga Micheline, president of the army/nation district commission gave details on the mobilization of the human resources that are available for the proper conduct of the activities of this district.

Regarding the Camps, Mveme Atangana indicated that the activities will take place throughout the national territory. In each cultural area, initiation to health care based on the pharmacopoeia is planned. 

A contact file has been established to facilitate the mobilization of the actors to take part in the camps which constitute a kind of return to the sources. For Minister Mounouna Foutsou, it is a question of transferring ancestral know-how to younger generations through this platform. 

According to him, young people who would be interested must be encouraged and supported. For the head of the MINJEC IT Unit, also head of the Virtual Village Commission, Medjo Stephane,

With regard to sports activities, Arsène ABE provides assurance on the mobilization of sports teams that will participate in said civil-military activities. 

On this subject, the Minjec suggested holding these sporting activities in the afternoon and should target the categories of the population (rescuers, buyam-sellam) who often have conflicting relations with the armed forces.

The commission, civil parade, through the voice of its manager, indicated that in this context, it is a question of sensitizing young people on civic and civic values. Songs have been stopped and the designated supervisors. 

A modular rehearsal is planned against a backdrop of a dancing scenography. She also recalled the different themes on which the parades will follow one another.

Also, with regard to the Patriotic Songs Sub-Commission, Halidou Sadjo specified that a bank of patriotic songs has been established to enhance the passage of the parades. 

Eyenga Yvette epse Binam, assistant inspector of N1 programs at the Minjec and also in charge of the Implementation Commission of Pronec-Reinitiation presented the activity of implementation of the national civic education program by Civic and entrepreneurial moral rearmament. 

In this phase introduced by Mounouna Foutsou, MINEDUB representative wondered about the possibility for children to mark time with the gangs by singing. The representative of the National Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission also noted the need to promote bilingualism during these celebration activities. 

For her, the maintenance of peace necessarily goes through the recognition of the linguistic identity of our national languages ​​and should be magnified in the opening bouquet.

Communication Unit, MINJEC


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