Canadian High Commissioner Richard Bale visits Northwest region, Promises Engagement

The Canadian High Commissioner, Richard Bale has been presented the situation faced in the Northwest region; in the economic and social sectors and he promised to give feedback after consulting with his team, other diplomats to have better opportunities from which the Northwest region will explore.

His visit has reignited a sense of cooperation, a transfer of knowledge through exchanges. To note that the activities of the high commission are highly a-polotical, as Canada in Cameroon is known to intervene in different regions and at different levels.

"Canada is a strong supporter of civil societies, helps them take action where intervention is needed", especially in areas of conflict, a conflict that caused thousands to flee; a neglected displacement crises due to a prolonged insecurity faced in the Northwest region.

"It is important to have all stakeholders take part in building communities that have been affected by the crisis. Stakeholders be it government, traditional leaders, religious leaders, civil society, private sector. With joint efforts we can have good understanding of the situation on ground and ensure that our engagement is better targeted." Richard Bale, Canadian High Commissioner.

The interventions needed as per the presentations at the Northwest  Regional Assembly, are centred around human investment, humanitarian, Peace Building and in decentralized community based projects.

Prof. Fru Angwafo III, President of the Northwest Regional Assembly tells the diplomat that depite the stakes, some progress has been made. He established that the  "North-West Region has benefitted from multifaceted relations; support in the creation of community radios, technical schools and educational grants/ scholarships, the Kumbo water project and others within the human and physical development realm".

Though Covid-19 and climate change-related flooding has further created food insecurity, Canada with intervention at different levels remains one of Cameroon’s principal partners in the humanitarian response, delivered through UN agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and non-governmental organisations. 

Canada’s humanitarian assistance includes support for the provision of food, nutrition and health services, clean water and sanitation, as well as protection services.

@CanadainCameroon will continue to work with humanitarian actors to increase humanitarian access and secure humanitarian space in regions affected by conflict with the objective of reaching those most in need.

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

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