Entertainment: "911 is a Place for Comfort, Irrespective of who Gets Comfort", Nsuh Edwin

"It came like a surprise, An Award I couldn't hesitate taking, but as a business man when there is a publicity that's a priority. I wish to tell Bamenda at large that 911 is a place of comfort irrespective of who gets comfort. We are in a region of crisis, it's open to all and life must continue". 

The CEO of 911, Nsuh Edwin has recieved a Prime International Award for the fact that his snack is community based and has been appreciated by many who have visited the place to gain pleasure, though amidst the insecurity threading in the city of Bamenda.

The owner explains that 911 gives an opportunity for everyone to gain pleasure and that it's a place for people to mingle and figure out a way to make life comfortable, despite the difficulties faced in town.

"Without pleasure the stress will be too much, as the CEO I have challenges and I have been tagged severally but I do my best to move on and provide the best for my customers". 

"I have stood the grounds as a son of the soil, if I am to run, I have nowhere to run to. I don't need to know who is who but I need to know about the buisness, see to it that staff attends to customers, grow the buisness and also their families through benefits", CEO 911.

Recieving an Award Prime International, this took him a-back but feels that his ambitiousness is keeping him on the right track.

"Beer is our pleasure, I never knew, the dream I thought of putting through has come to reality. I don't deserve this but my ambitions see me equal to the task".

For the image of the enterprise, this is like a stepping stone, it's an advantage to the buisness. In the midst of crisis I face challenges on both sides. If there is anyone in Bamenda that wants to be part of 911, they should know it is open".

Getting the Prime International Award is prove that 911 is at the services of all customers without bias, some consumers at the snack shared their view.

"The CEO is an open person, he is the man of the people, he welcomes people in such a way that those who visit 911 cannot be harassed. The place is open, airy and clean and we have no issues spending our money here. The choice of music is also attracting."

"There have been a series of stories to chase away customers, but I want to say am not afraid to visit 911. It's safe, if there is any situation, we will stay inside because it has a gate", customer expressed opinion.

Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

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