CDC Management Warns on Leasehold Land Sales

Franklin Ngoni Njie, Cameroon Development Corporation's GM has given a warning about the buying or selling of leasehold lands in Tiko.

This warning is inline with the Ministerial order from the Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure which cancelled land certificates issued in favour of the Tiko Village Community.

In a Press released signed on April 19th 2022,  which is intended to caution and sensitze the public not to be fooled by traditional authorities who are selling leasehold land which has not been surrendered to them.

The Ministerial order mentioned that the said parcels of land reverts to the CDC, regain their various juristic nature of the leasehold land of the corporation.

MINCAF had allocated 2 parcels of CDC leasehold land to Tiko Village community, but the management of CDC contested the Ministerial decision on grounds that modalities to cede CDC leasehold land were not adhered to. 

By Ndefru Melanie on Special assignment to the Southwest region

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