Economy: Tibati- Adamawa, No more In Darkness

There is some development in Adamawa in the energy sector as it's been over 10 years that the people of Tibati have struggled, after several requests and several strategies used, the people finally have power, energy thanks to the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

After more than ten years of work, the mini private hydroelectric dam of Mbakaou jointly financed by BGFIBank Cameroon and the European Union, has just come into operation inaugurated this on April 14th, 2022 by HE GASTON ELOUNDOU ESSOMBA, Minister of Water and Energy.

He used the opportunity to announce the construction of 50 other mini-dams in the short term in Cameroon. It is with a small hydroelectric power plant that has a capacity of 1.49 MW, expandable to 2.9 MW, which has just started under water pressure in Mbakaou in the municipality of Tibati. 

It will have taken more than ten years to build this dam in the sources of Djerem. This is a technical feat appreciated  by the Minister of Water and Energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, on an official visit, and inaugurating the small hydroelectric power station of Mbakaou, an infrastructure put into service in December 2021.

About 1.4 MW of energy is produced, it currently supplies more than 3,000 households in five localities, while improving the quality of electricity service, with an impact on income-generating activities. According to the Minister of Water and Energy, it is the first of a series of 50 to be built across the country.

This infrastructure is expected to increase the agricultural, forestry and animal production of the department and indirectly improve the living conditions of the populations by creating jobs for young people. 

Rural electrification is therefore a reality the district of Tibati, now better lit with the inauguration of Cameroon's first private hydroelectric dam in Mbakaou, jointly financed by BGFIBank Cameroon and the European Union, opens the doors to around fifty other mini hydroelectric power station.

It should be noted that the studies for two new mini dam projects in Manjo (4.6 MW), in the Littoral, and Bafang (3.4 MW) are almost complete. The production of electricity having been liberalized, each Cameroonian can produce energy and resell it to the state.

Energy empowerment is a key issue for the development of Cameroon. With population growth, energy needs are increasing and the companies in charge of the issue, today, are struggling to fully meet the energy needs of Cameroonians. 

With the 2011 law allowing a private producer of electricity from renewable sources to be connected to the network of the national distributor (ENEO) and to sell the energy produced according to the regulations in force, a new window of opportunity has opened up. is open for investors and consumers.

By Ibrahim in Adamawa 

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