Bamenda 2 Mayor Engages in Road Maintaince

The Mayor of Bamenda II, Chenwi Peter and a team of council workers have contributed their quota to road maintaince, on the stretch of road from Vertinary junction towards old town, as a way of serving the local population pedestering, taxi drivers and car users, to ply the road with ease.

Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter talking to Press

"We were voted to serve the people, though Government has made allocation for budget to maintain the major roads in the city, the Bamenda 2 council is at the heart of the city and the earth road we are maintaining falls within our municipality" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

"Major roads within the city are done by the city council, but we thought it wise that while waiting on the major project, the Bamenda II Council decided to maintain the earth road in some parts in the city" he added.

Bamenda II Council workers assist in road maintaince

The exercise takes place on October 16th, filling potholes with concrete stones which according to him is  contributing to the maintenance of the earth road, a responsibility to the city council maintaining main roads in the city.

Bad roads in Bamenda has been a sing song on the lips of the Bamenda man long before the Anglophone crisis which began in 2016. Same bad roads have been the reason why travel buses have not been able to leave or enter the town on time.

Roads between Metah quarters-T-junction, City Chemist-Vertinary junction, Vertinary junction- T-junction, have been a major worry for most road users, especially taxi drivers who destroy parts of their cars due to the potholes and visit the garage on a frequent basis.

"Alot of work has been done on these roads in Bamenda, pouring stone, soil, sand and some persons have even taken their individual initiative to break stones and fill the holes, but till now no great changes have been recorded. Government needs to look into the situation of roads in Bamenda and do some good work once and for all." A pedestrian tells civiclens.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 believes he is doing an assignment like one of the stakeholders contributing to development, to do road maintaince in the stretch of road than watch the population suffer.

" This activity also supports the back to school steam, given that the council has sent out taxis to ply the roads, transport persons to their different destinations, while easing movement" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

By Ndefru Melanie

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