Back to School: MP for Momo East Promotes Children's Education, Pays Registration Fees

Children in group picture, with MP and Administrators of Momo Division

Children who answered present in the early days of the 2020/2021 academic year in Mbengwi subdivision, have benefitted financial support from the MP for Momo East, Hon Foo Ngang Prudencia who encouraged some pupils and students by paying their registration fees.

The MP in Classroom with kids

This gesture from the MP saw the light of day as she was on the field, visiting and monitoring schools that had resumed for the new academic year. Her move was aimed at giving other children who still dragged their feet, a push to return to their classrooms. 

The MP addresses Parents and Teachers on School Campus

Parents, Teachers, Students and Pupils were overwhelmed by the MP's actions, who supported the kids with registration fees, together with other items like bags, books and writting materials. Hon Foo Ngang Prudencia Injoh told the Parents that education is key to development.

"I am so happy that most of the children within my constituency are beginning to answer the call of school resumption, I also happy about the fact that we re all conscious that Education is Key to development and that it will be useless if we don't send our kids to school" MP for Momo East tells Parents.

" Even if we wanted to have them go and do trade, they will have need for basic education, which is their Fundamental Human Right" she added.

Ndangsa Kennedy Akam, the Mayor for Mbengwi Council also assisted some of the children with books and writting materials as part of support to their education. Kids stayed home for close to 4years and according to the Mayor, it is important for the children to get the support needed to catch up.

The SDO addresses Teachers

The SDO for Momo Division, Fouda Etaba Benoit, with assistance from the D.O, Esapa Jarvis, the medical team and stakeholders concerned, visited schools to ensure that children turned out in their numbers, while respecting covid19 measures put in place by government to curb the disease.

SDO washes hands, shows pupils example

DMO talks about Covid 19

The District Medical officer for Mbengwi district hospital, Ewu David ensured that the schools had stationed taps or buckets to wash hands and gave tips to pupils and students on the dangers of the disease, the need to put on face mask as one of the measures to curb the spread.

Most of the schools visited recieved over a hundred facemask from the SDO to help reinforce the measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. Children as well as Students were happy about the start of the academic and were thankful to MP for the didatic materials recieved.

"I am excited that school have started, after a longtime that we have not been able to go to school, am happy about the books,bags and writing materials recieved from the MP" a Pupil said.

"I am so excited about my registration fee paid by the MP, the support from the Mayor of Mbengwi council, I thank them. It is a great motivation and I pray my friends and mates make the decision now to return to class" Ngwe Franka, a student said.

Hon Foo Ngang Prudencia Injoh, MP for Momo East has decided to monitor education at the grassroot level, especially on at the level of her constituency, making sure that no child is left behind.

By Ndefru Melanie


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