Back to School: Teachers, Students and Pupils Brave it In Bamenda II

Students and Teachers have answered present in some secondary schools within the Bamenda 2 Subdivision to begin the Academic year 2020/2021, despite the deserted streets due to the ghost town imposed by separatists fighters.

The Mayor for the Bamenda 2 Council, Chenwi Peter and the D.O for the Bamenda 2 Subdivision Nicholas nkongho Manchang, went to the field in the early hours of October 5th, to observe the temperature of school resumption in some schools, within the city of Bamenda.

Didatic Materials had been given out by the Bamenda 2 Council to facilitate a successful school ressumption for the academic year 2020/2021 and though the day also was a public holiday, marked as Teachers' day, many of them chose to be in the classrooms welcoming pupils and students.

Celebrations that would normally hold on Teachers Day, could not be a huge success on the day of school reopening because, priority is given to kids who have not been to school for the past 4years, the crowding is not inline with the norms to guard against Covid 19, insecurity and the ghost town imposed by separatists fighters made it impossible.

" The turn out is unprecedented, I am very happy to see these children back at school on day one.i wish to encourage more of them to get to school as the academic year unfolds" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Hopefully on Tuesday October 6th, more pupils and students will turn out in their numbers in the different schools, to catch up for the years they have stayed at home.

"The take off is impressive with the massive  turn out of students and teachers" observed the D.O

By Ndefru Melanie


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