Mbengwi: Ndakwah Foundation Reaches Out to the Community, Provides Support to Boost the Economy

Ndakwah Foundation has donated to some youths in Mbengwi to encourage them to continue contributing their little quota towards the economic growth of the municipality.

Mbah Shadrach Gyeh is the President of the Mbengwi Bike Rider's Union known as BUMT. His efforts are being recognized as he ensures that members of his union take part actively in monthly clean up campaigns organised by the council.

Seeing to it that sanctions are metted out to recalcitrant members and also advocating for uniform officers to reduce daily "control settlement "from 1000frs to 500frs", enforcing a special vigilante group that tracks down stolen bikes in Mbengwi, recover and hand them back to their rightful owners.

This is the first project the Ndakwah Foundation is implementing, recognizing the bike sector, with beneficiaries being the youths.

Moris Tagyen expressed joy over the recognition he got. "I feel so excited because this is something that has never happened to me since I became president of the bike rider's union."

He congratulated the initiative of the foundation, encouraging them to continue with same spirit.

A jug of fuel was offered to him to aid his movement and encourage him do more for his community .

"From now till about a month after, I'm not sure to pass near where fuel is sold. For some days, I used to sneak out through the back door to go to work when there's no "chop money" to give my wife but now, at least I'll be giving chop money in the house but with my left hand."

George Ateh Yisa is a renowned peddler in Mbengwi. He named his business G-Favour Yoghurt & Gateaux. On daily basis, he treks across the streets selling his hand made consumable products especially under sunny weather.

He was identified by Ndakwah Foundation to be an exceptional pushfull youth and awarded a 25kg bag of flour.

"I really appreciate what the foundation has given to me. If there was another word to replace 'Thank You' I could have used it".

Muyang Keren is a young single mother in her early 20s. After putting to birth at a tender age, she is raising her single handedly and her little boy is 5 years old. Keren has been selling shoes and dresses in a small canteen in Mile 18 Mbengwi to make ends meet.

The foundation offered several pairs of shoes to add to her stock.

"What I've received is going to increase my business size a lot because before now my business was like going down but after this I hope it'll be improving."

Other beneficiaries included Agwe Collins, a food vendor owner and Aboh Vitalis, a technician . The former received a 25kg bag of rice and the latter a satellite receiver with all its accessories.

Ndakwah Foundation has several programs that takes care of diverse needs of persons in the community;

-The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) that will from time to time empower youths in the municipality economically based on their various fields of life.

-The Elderly Reach Out Program (EROP) provides material and food assistance to elderly persons.

-The Orphans Reach Out Program (OROP) helps orphans and orphanages in Mbengwi, providing them basic needs like food, clothes, kitchen utensils etc. Construct a piggery, poultry for them for income generation for the day to day running of their activities without over depending on external help.

The Young Mother and Child Reach Out Program (YOMOCROP) targets children and young girls that have put to birth out of wedlock and lastly,

-The Community Development program (CODEP) seeks to materially assist communities engaged in development projects like water supply, electrification, road rehabilitation just to name these few.

Mami Deborah Akwi, a Widow Receiving Food Support

The foundation is structured in a way that other humanitarian groups and individuals interested in reaching out to the needy in and around Mbengwi can pass through them, with specific orders on which program their support should be channeled to.

The foundation will look for beneficiaries in the specified program, do the reach out and then report back to the donor(s).

The Ndakwah Foundation's first project in Mbengwi at Mile 18 Ku-Bome. A total of 11 beneficiaries went back home with something like; the Tuanyang Development Association (TUDA) received 5 bags of cement to support their ongoing palace construction project, Wandoh Docas Kyeng, a roadside fuel vendor received a jug of fuel, Timoh Enih Elisabeth, a roasted fish vendor received a carton of frozen fish, Ayogo Joyce Amuteng, a traditional dress marker received bundles of threads and 5 metres of "toghu" material.

Anwi Blessing Sakeh, a business lady received 5 pallets of sift drinks and Awah Radel Mafaw, a hairdresser that received a hand dryer and a shampoo bowl.

Madam Ndakwah Karine Mah is the founder of Ndakwah Foundation and in honour of her late dad, Pa Stephen Mbah Ndakwah, a renowned educationist in Mbengwi.

Some years back after the passing unto eternity of her dad, she won the American Diversity Visa Lottery and flew to the states where she's been living but has not forgotten her roots. She says her next plan now is to legalize the foundation and then continue with the realisation of such projects to impact the lives of the needy, in memory of her late dad.

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