Economy: Identification process of priority projects In Meme begin, as a Peace Move

Williams Itoe Elangwe- Commissioner for Health and Social Development SW Regional Council

Development stakeholders in Meme division of the Southwest region have began a consultation program to identify priority projects in the division. This took place at the town hall, aimed at collecting and consolidating data within the framework of producing a regional development plan, dubbed a "Development Bible" for the Southwest region.

On Wednesday 22nd June, 2022, the regional council delegation was led to kumba, Meme Division by the commissioner Health and social Development at the regional council Hon. Itoe Williams Elangwe.


He disclosed that the production of the development plan will clearly define priority aspects related to the development of the Southwest region.

The meeting was attended by traditional and municipal authorities, heads of services and other stakeholders incharge of development reason why the regional council has decided to engage into a broad base consultation.

Many think that if this is effected, there will be no conflicts as to where development projects are directed within the region.

The production of the "Development Bible" has also been commended by many who attended the meeting as "a bottom- top" approach will effect priority projects and directly address the worries of the local population.

To the population, there are also hopes that the production of the regional development plan is going to be a soft spot, targeting meaningful development which will improve on their living conditions.

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