Minjec-diaspora colabo: Sessions hold, provide diverse experience, hopes

Accompanied by the Ambassador of Cameroon in the Federal Republic of Germany Victor Ndoki, the President of the NGO My Africa eV Valère Hiobi, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou chaired Saturday, June 25, the big meeting government/diaspora.

Youth affairs Minister/diaspora meeting emerged with hopes after  exchanges and recommendations arrived at. The activity took place at Insel Heilbronn hotel, devoted to public speaking; an adress from the Ambassador Victor Ndoki and Mounouna Foutsou, presentations.

Valère HIOBI asked the Diaspora to write a new page in the history of relations between the diaspora and the Cameroon government through Minjec, announcing the launch of a television program dedicated to the Cameroonian diaspora. 

It will be a question for My Africa eV, the MINJEC and the CRTV to give visibility to the actions carried out by the diaspora in order to arouse emulation within it. On the evils that divide the diaspora, Valère Hiobi reminds his compatriots that they have a duty to participate in the development of Cameroon.

The Ambassador of Cameroon in the Federal Republic of Germany for his part made a diagnosis and observed that “ there is lack of love between the diaspora and the homeland, this is due to the lack of dialogue" and challenged on the diaspora to speak to each other.

Victor Ndoki promised to support all initiatives of the diaspora. For him "Cameroon can develop in less than 10 years if all the conditions are met". The diaspora has an obligation to work hand in hand given their differences or strengths.

Mounouna Foutsou rephrased his wish to see diaspora Cameroonians return to participate in the development of Cameroon and saluted the NGO My Africa eV which has requested the support of the government in one of its initiatives. 

It should be noted that plans to train in the Multifunctional Centers for the Promotion of Young People (Cmpj) in Cameroon, according to the German dual method is on the way. 

The rigor and effectiveness of the training has been proven. The member of the government makes it known that his presence in Germany is part of this promised support.

“It is a question of coming to meet the German partners of My Africa eV to let them know that the project of our compatriots has institutional support. It is now to mobilize the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities (Ctd), the Vocational Training Centers and other technical partners necessary for the realization of the project.

For the long term all the CMPJ, it is expected that youths will be able to benefit from this German expertise. For the pilot phase, the CMPJ of littoral will welcome the first young people in the next few months, according to the announcements made. The Minister called on them to bid for the call for projects of the Diaspora and Local Youth Joint-venture initiative (Dialyj.

Projects and programs

In terms of presentations, Gwedji Doris Wainwel, Secretary of Foreign Affairs at the Minrex, gave an update on three projects, namely: Dias'invest 237, the Remitance project and the reception and orientation offices for the projects.

The role of the network of Parliamentarians for the Diaspora, Decentralized and Cross-border Cooperation "REP-COD".

His Majesty Abdoul Karim Nassourou, Director of Youth Economic Promotion at MINJEC, presented the various projects and programs implemented at MINJEC, including the Special Youth Three-Year Plan, the National Youth Observatory, the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development, PAJER-U, PIFMAS, National Volunteer Program, YouthConneKt Cameroon initiative, PPEJ, PARSE.

Anselme Epoko, National Coordinator of the Assistance Program for the return and integration of young Cameroonians from the Diaspora (Pari-Jedi), focused on the presentation of PARI-JEDI, the DIALYJ initiative. 

Other projects carried out by the sectoral ministerial departments were presented, in particular the API, the APME, the FNE, the PIAASI, the AFOP program, PCP-ACEFA, the PEA-Jeunes.

The Diaspora in turn presented its multitude of projects. 30 promoters, no less, succeeded each other on the stage, each in his field. Initiatives that are all relevant and capable of contributing to the development of the country. 

At the end of the presentations of the various promoters, Minister Mounouna Foutsou, on behalf of the government, expressed his satisfaction and congratulated these young people.

By way of recognition of the work done for the holding meeting promoting synergy between government/diaspora, Mounouna Foutsou made Valère Hiobi, the ambassador of the Assistance Program for the return and integration of young Cameroonians from the Diaspora (Pari- Jedi). A distinction that was officially awarded to him.

By Communication Unit, MINJEC 

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