Cameroon-Naija Synergy in Movie Production, Open touristic sites

"My African thing" is a new movie that has involved actors from Cameroon and Nigeria, strengthening a relationship that has existed in the film industry for more than 2 years. In the course of these actors producing a movie in Kumba- Meme Division, Southwest region of Cameroon more touristic sites are being discovered.

Produced by the Lois Entertainment and awards, featuring Nigeria and Cameroonian entertainers like Emmanuel Emordi Daniels, Mary Nky Onyemena popularly known as Miss Koi Koi, Mami Dona, Azah Melvine, Empah Andreas Keju,
Montana Peters, Prince Ojay, Roy King and others.

The movie, scripted by Geraldine Forbah and directed by John Henry, will go a long way to portray the beauty of the African culture which is rich in diversity.

Talking to Civclens info in Kumba on Friday 24th June, 2022 at the beginning of the movie production, Emmanuel Emordi Daniels said he is happy working with actors from Cameroon.

"The touristic attractions in Cameroon as well as the beauty of the Kumba Nfon's palace where there are currently doing the Production, is a beautiful place. I love working with Cameroonians, I feel at home and I also love the dishes in Kumba especially Water fufu and errow, plus their good palm wine".

On his part, the Production manager, Doctor Keju Andreas also thanked the authorities of the Kumba Nfon's Palace especially Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko for offering his beautiful palace as one of the main settings for the movie production.

He noted that working with movie professionals from Nigeria is going to help improve on the collaboration between the two countries in terms of entertainment.

A notable of the Bafaw tribe, Mr. Matumambo John-Lewis said it was a privilege seeing such a great movie shot at the Kumba palace hosting, the Paramount ruler of the Bafaws, while commending on the hospitality of the Bafaw people, promising that the national and international film makers will enjoy their stay in Kumba.

The Lois Entertainment and Awards was founded by Dr. Lois Ekwe, with head quarters in the United States of America and production houses in Limbe and Kumba.

By TAMFU Ciduan NDIMBIE for Civiclens in Kumba

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