Chima International Cameroon mops Bamenda II from filthy state, Saves City from Cholera Outbreak

Hope was lost for many people living within the city of Bamenda, many had wondered about what will become of the town as dirt was littered everywhere, yet hope returned when Chima International Cameroon took up the initiative to excercise part of its services by cleaning garbage within the city of Bamenda II.

CEO and Team

This company focused in Bamenda II subdivision, a jurisdiction that has in recent times recorded several attacks on company personnels while making efforts to clean the city.

The accumulation of dirt at different key junctions across the city of Bamenda could cause a health harzard on its inhabitants, as it produced a stench that caused difficulty in breathing. People were lost in thoughts about the hygiene and situation of sanitation of the town and couldn't tell what the city will become as the filth
piled up on a daily basis.

Chima Ernest
CEO of Chima international Cameroon

"..I was carried away by this situation of filth arround town, for about 6 months the town hasn't been cleaned and I thought that as a son of the soil I should take up the initiative and do the job. I went to the council to offer my services, that I will do it if they can support me. The council rejected my request that hysacam signed a contract to do so. I pleaded to no avail but was later summoned at the council to do the job and that they will support me".

CEO of Chima International says the support he recieved is not equivalent to what he is putting in to ensure that the job is done. Then he chose to go for a bigger bargain, and asked that the job be awarded to him. In acceptance, the council placed him on a probation to observe his team, expecting postive results.

"..I have had no threats so far or challenges while carrying out cleaning arround town, in Bamenda II. The only call I received, was from someone whom I think wanted to do the job, maybe he lobbied to no avail but while on the field, I have had no threats".

According to him, gunshots were heard somewhere arround mile 8 Mankon and hospital round about on one of those days while they were working at Ntarinkon but that did not affect them, as they themselves were never targets.

"We kept on with cleaning and we have been succeeding to an extent. All through we have been working freely with no major incident recorded".

Working within such context characterized by sporadic gunshots and kidnappings, the CEO Chima International says he has used manual labour force from the communities in order to succeed.

"...As per the strategy used, what we did is that we get people from the different quarters to work with us, support us, then we give them little support, token at the end of the day. But I have a team I work with, the team is made up of persons from all arround town, who help me control traffic and ensure the cleaning is done well. The community has put in alot of efforts and everything is working well. Collaborating with them has recorded huge success in this excercise".

The population has applauded the efforts of Chima Ernest and that of his team for a job well done. Some of them say he came to their rescue just at the time when the had given up. Most of them assisted the tem while on the field to ensure that the dirt was carried and the place tidied.

Chima International are contractors especially in the field of construction and road works. They offer other services like cleaning of garbage and do transportation of local building materials, they hire out vehicles and equipment to companies that do road construction and building.

By Ndefru Melanie

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