Education: DDR Bamenda Send off 1st Batch, Request Primary section, Didactic materials

Teacher, Regional Coordinator of DDR Centre hand certificate to nursery kid

Yembo Evans

Yembo Evans, a teacher offering voluntary services at the DDR Centre-Bamenda has demonstrated satisfaction sending off the frist batch of nursery school children of the centre, yet he regrets the non existence of a primary section in the centre.

"The ex-fighters have need for support as they themselves yearn for education. Graduating this first batch of pre-nursery and nursery kids, the challenge of a non-existent primary school at the centre to see these kids move forward is pre- occupyin. Parents and Ex-fighters cry for the existence of primary school at the centre".

While he described the centre as a place for transformation for these children, "a school that some of their parents the ex-fighters never went to and a kind of home they never had", Yembo appreciated the staff too who acted like parents to thw children of these ex-combattants.

He unravel other challenges, he faces as a teacher offering voluntary services. voluntary services.

"...The lack of a good mordern classroom, didactic material to facilitate the education of the children at the DDR centre, finances have been a great worry because I benefited from the allowances given to meet by the Regional chief of centre, Kum Henry, and again the fact that I am still to be matriculated or intergrated into the public service".

Yembo Evans has carried out his activities at the DDR Centre, and as a volunteer teacher with close supervision from Kum Henry, Regional Coordinator of the Centre.

Regional Coordinator DDR Centre Bamenda, Kum Henry

According to the Regional Coordinator the children born by the ex-fighters are not different from other children who are born Cameroonians and shouldn't be left out of education.

"The kids deserve thesame education other Cameroonian children have. We started with the pre-nursery and the nursery, we will move forward to the primary and work in close collaboration with the inspector of basic education for Bamenda II to see that the primary school gets functional", Kum Henry.

Few weeks after his appointment as Regional chief of the Centre, there were already about 20 school children at the centre; pre-nursery 5, nursery 10, primary 6. According to Yembo Evans, the number of kids seem to have been increasing as the number of ex-combattants joining the centre multiply. 

According to him not just the kids have need for education, but ex-fighters too have embraced the zeal to study. To the voluntary teacher the Heads of State did not only create a branch for Peace for ex-fighters but has allowed ex-fighters and their children have Access to education.

"...We thank the Head of State for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the hand of Peace he has extended to ex-fighters and allowing us to get ourselves and kids educated ". Yembo Evans.

Photo credit: Mnews237

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

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