IMSSRAD advocates for Peaceful Society, assisting crisis prone neighborhoods in Bamenda III

IMSSRAD's Director, Toh Sylvester

The director of Information Management and Support Services for Rural and Agricultural Development (IMSSRAD), Toh Sylvester has an interested to see that neighborhoods in Bamenda III subdivision, Northwest region of Cameroon recover from the shocks of the armed conflict.

This was key on the agenda in a workshop organized by IMSSRAD, to advocate and ensure that the Bamenda III community bounces back, advocacy described by the Director of Chrapa, Mr Chongsi Joseph as "Standing for one's behalf or for a group of persons", while encouraging journalists to be advocates for peace.

Chongsi Joseph, Chrapa

"Find events in our programs to push the idea of peace at any point. Be ready to advocate for peace by gathering things that promote peace and ofcourse Journalists need to be resilient to do that".

"No Society can be seen as a civilised society if there is constant violation of the law. Do your very best to promote morality. Our responsibility is to see into it that, the common good is promoted" Chongsi Joseph, Chrapa.

While looking at harnessing the media and augmenting crisis management, Gwain Colbert Fulia advised that Journalists should produce unbiased reports, use words which are peaceful and avoid partiality or personalized unreasoned judgement. Choves Loh believes reporting professionally can bring harmony in society.

Choves Loh, Cameroon Tribune

" Do some reporting that bring harmony to the society, in every crisis what is needed is information. So serve information that brings harmony, inspire and build hope. The only beneficiary of bad news is the author and not the society". Choves Loh, Cameroon Tribune.

This workshop organized by the Information Management and Support Services for Rural and Agricultural Development (IMSSRAD), is inline with what wat Hilltopvoices covered in December 2021 on transformational livelihood.

Inline with with helping neighborhoods in Bamenda III bounce back from the fallouts of the armed conflict, It was adviced that as part of the resilient project in Bamenda III, people should  understand that "they can conduct income generating activities on their own and become financially independent and resilience." Toh Sylvester, IMSSRAD ( Hilltopvoices 2021).

By Bamenjo Petronila


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