CCMN Gets 8 chapters and a New Organigram

Members of the Cameroon Community Media Network, CCMN Northwest met in a meeting dubbed a Restitution Program on December 28th 2019,in Bamenda.

The meeting had as agenda to abreast members with the developments reached at a workshop, which took place in Buea and gave birth to the National bureau, with focus on the constitution and Chapter Branches. 

The Training of Trainers workshop for focal points,  gave birth to new positions like, Regional Coordinator
Secretary General, Project Officer and Communication Officer, Taking off the office of the Regional Vice President. 

  • Secetary General, CCMN Northwest,  Pedmia Shatu.

National and Regional cordinator, CCMN

Other offices like Communication office and Program Officer will be implemented in April 2020 when the Project will begin it's second phase. 

For National Office, Kum Leonard is the Communication and Public Relations Officer, Mrs Njayou Mariama from the West Region as Project Officer, Rachiatou from the North as Financial Officer and Confidence Yannick from the Southwest as Secetary General.  

Madam Rosaline Akah Obah emerged National Cordianator for the Cameroon Community Media Network, CCMN for Cameroon who also doubles as Regional Cordianator for the Northwest, Pedmia Shatu as Secretary General for CCMN Northwest.
CCMN saw it's birth through 8 other Branches except for the South and East Regions, that were Left out. According to the Updates from the CCMN Training of Trainers workshop,  the main objective for creating other chapters, is to encourage  Journalists to engage in the Peace Process and Promote this,  through their different media platforms.

The institution  of these chapters will according to the General Overview given by the Vice President of CCMN Northwest, lay ground work for the National Bureau, that will be examining challenges of the Community Media Sector of the CCMN in Cameroon. 

The Constitution amongst other points, maintained that registration for Members into the CCMN stands at : Students pay 5000frs,  Individuals pay 10,000frs and Media houses Register at 15000frs. An idea,  welcomed and applauded by members of CCMN Northwest.  


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