Plan Rescues Vulnerable Children, Launches GAC Project In NWR

Plan launches project in Workshop

Plan International Cameroon, within its humanitarian response operations in the Northwest and Southwest regions, has started implementing a child protection / WASH project with support from Global Affairs Canada in Fako and Mezam divisions. 

The project launch took place in Bamenda on July 23, 2020, during a workshop that brought together leaders within the targeted communities, youth groups, women and religious leaders as well as other key stakeholders. 

The Northwest and Southwest regions have been hard hit by the socio-political crisis since 2016 and now the COVID-19 pandemic. Children and especially girls have been the most affected by this dual predicament, as they are now more exposed to myriad dangers: sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, exploitation, being associated with armed groups, etc.

 The project entitled “Emergency Child Protection and WASH Interventions for IDPs and Conflict-Affected Communities in North-West and South-West Cameroon” seeks to specifically support these vulnerable children, among others. 

Derick Fon, Child Protection Officer

"We need to get into the communities so we can provide the much needed support to children and especially girls affected by the crises. We believe that by working well together with communities and other key stakeholders, we can reach these communities who are in need of support”, says Derick Fon, Child Protection in Emergencies Officer for the intervention. 

“These stakeholders will support to raise awareness in these communities to secure the buy-in. Community participation for us is not only a means to an end but a goal in itself,” he added.  

The project will target 21,575 beneficiaries across 15 communities including Ntahturu, Chi Ndeh, Akum in the North West region and Great Soppo, Bonduma, Buea Town, Mabeta, West Coast, Cassava Farm, Bota, Church Street and New town in the South West region. 

Patrick Nji, Participant

“I have seen children who have been affected by the crisis in my community. I expect that the project will support cases of rape, child trafficking and other forms of abuse. It is my wish that Plan International remains in our community so our children can keep benefitting from this support" says Patrick Nji, a 
community leader in Mezam division. 

Plan International is an international humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls working in over 76 countries worldwide and in Cameroon since 1996.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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