Hon Agho Oliver Yields to People's Request

The member of parliament for Bafut Tubah Constituency, has yielded to calls for assistance in power shortage in Bambili, by providing a 4000kwatts generator, to aid in the issuing of national Identity Cards and to serve the population of Bambili, Tubah Subdivision.

Honorable Agho Oliver handed the generator to the Divisional Officer of Tubah Subdivision, Garga Alim and Mayor of Tubah council, Tanjong Martin on July 20th, at the explanade of the Public Security Post , Bambili.

According to Honorable Agho Oliver, it is not proper for someone to spend, close to a week or 2 making efforts in getting a national ID card, reason why he was oblige to respond to the call of his people.

"It was important and necessary for me to supply this 4000 kilowatts generator, that will meet up with the immediate demands of the population, for a student area like Bambili, ID cards are basic documents and a community requirement" MP observed.

The Mayor saluted the efforts of the MP and did not leave out other challenges faced by the local population.

"Tubah has a problem of electricity and this gesture solves a pinch of it, the Student population cannot read without lights, else they cannot succeed". Mayor observed

"We also have a problem of water, taxes are not coming and the council is unable to solve the problem, roads too are not left out and though you may not have the means, use your powers (your office) to lobby, for the people of Tubah to get these facilities and live happily" Mayor Tubah Council, Tanjong Martin Concluded.

Garga Alim, The Divisional Officer for Tubah Subdivision, mentioned "lights in Bambili has been a problem; low voltage, light failure and with the MP's gesture offering this generator, we are ready to function full time". He said

The MP's gesture comes at a time when public exams are arround the corner and the Police, being an intermediary for lifes in Tubah subdivision, are charged to be at the rescue of the local population when need arises.

By Ndefru Melanie


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