Former Bamenda II Mayor Bows Out

Balick Awah Fidelis Former Mayor of Bamenda 2 Council, has kicked the bucket at 70 and leaves the stage after handing over his seat at the Bamenda 2 Council in the year 2020.

The pioneer Mayor and Elite in Mankon, Balick Fidelis Awah had proven beyond reasonable doubts to be a great developer, While at the helm of the Bamenda II Council as he took development to the doorsteps of his people with the “Small Money Big Project Initiative” with councilors.

He was innovative, down to earth and fertile in expedients. He falls within the ranks of the new breed of politicians born with extra abilities to surmount all sorts of barrier to emerge successful.

The late former Mayor Balick Fidelis Awah can be counted amongst the first development luminaries in the North West. He was applauded for being transparent, accountable, transparent and result oriented at the helm of Bamenda II Council. From Mankon to Mbatu down to Nsongwa, and Chomba, every community in the municipal had something for being a mark of difference in the fight against poverty.

Balick’s legacies are many ranging from the provision of potable water to construction of classrooms, market sheds, slaughter houses, community halls, health centers, farms to market roads.

He travels to the world beyond in the evening hours of July 19th, at his residence in Ntambeng Mankon after suffering from a malaise. His demise comes as a shock to the SDF party, when the tears shed for Honourable Joseph Banadzem, Honourable Joseph Mbah Ndam and Barrister Sama Francis have not yet dried up.


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