Fundong Youths Empowered through Community Project

Over 600 youths within the Fundong municipality have gained employment through a project by applying manual labour in opening the Isaibal-Ndio Road and Completing the bridge over the Juafeff river, in Fundong Subdivision, Boyo Division.

Speaking to the Press at the site on July 18th, The Mayor of Fundong Council, Denis Awoh Ndang explained that the project came as a result of a partnership convention between MINEPAT and Fundong Council, relative to the realisation of demonstrative works using the labour- based approach.

According to the Mayor, over 600 youths have been employed to take part in works concerning the project, and he added that, this approach will provide these youths with skills and enable them earn a daily bread for their famillies, given the difficult situation due to the Anglophone crisis.

"The approach is aimed at letting the common man have something to put food on the table, considering the difficult moments we are passing through, many people have financial challenges, and thru this they will benefit something" Mayor Fundong Council, said.

"By doing it themselves, the people will acquire the techniques of road maintainance and also be able to appreciate it when the machines are doing it and also they will know the difficulties involved and protect it if anyone attempts to destroy it." The Mayor added.

The Mayor emphasized that the sustainability of the project, which is worth 303million Cfa is guaranteed bacause "the council is working with an NGO, doing all to see the beneficiaries (the population) consider it as theirs, so that when the council hands off, they can maintain it themselves".

Contractor Incharge of the Road Project

Over 120 million has been recieved for the first phase, which according to the Contractor, Asangwine fontoh john is about 80% realised and is hopeful that, though there are alot of challenges involved, the prescence of the technical team will ensure the work is done correctly.

"We respect norms guiding road works and we are using the manual labour method. To control human beings is not very easy, since this is not mechanic. We are using local material; pure concrete to realise the bridge. Sand and concrete are gotten arround the site."

"But for challenges faced, to employ efforts to get the bridge perfectly done. The control team is on the field to see that the work is done, we are less than 50% with the realisation of the entire project, but for the 1st phase we are at 80% realization." Contractor added


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