Opening ISAIBAL-NDIO Road, A Gender Sensitive Project.

Women and girls within Fundong Municipality have joined other young men to empower themselves through a road project, constructing the ISAIBAL-NDIO road, using the Manual method, in Fundong sub division, Boyo Division.

Speaking to the Press at site of ongoing works, The Mayor of the Fundong Council, Denis Awoh Ndang said employment to the site is gender sensitive; girls, women, mothers involved.

He also added that " we are sociological sensitive, as our Moslem brothers and sisters are part of the works ongoing. Also we have being inclusive, people who are living with disabilities have not been left out, as all these persons enjoy the benefits of the project.

Marvelous Nangi, said she was called in from Douala, to come and assist in a road project.

" I assisted in digging the road, at first I was afraid, I felt that it was challenging, but what motivated me more is the amount of money I recieved after the first week, being an uppersixth student and stopped, could not continue due to the crisis and no means".

Nkasah Laura a lowersixth student says she had delight to help her Community. "I was not only motivated because of the money but because I had the zeal to help my Community, dig the road and I was encouraged too by the money, earning 15000frs weekly".

Some of the women at the project site felt proud about the Mayor's decision, allowing them carry out the project through their own work force.

"we did not live in town, we lived in the bush, but hearing about the project we decided to come back from the bush to assist. There was no means because the little thing I sold while in the bush, there were no buyers, my kids fell sick and I could not assist them to get proper health care services. So with this ongoing project, I could work, earn something and send to them, to sustain themselves." A woman shares her story with civiclens.

Another woman, Bih Gladys said the project was a rescue because she had lost hope with the coming of the crisis.

"The project has empowered me alot, in many ways; in my house, my familly, in my buisness. When the crisis came, everything was destroyed, I didn't know where to go, I felt so discouraged about everything and had no hopes because I could not assist my children at home, even to provide food items" she lamented.

"When I heard of the project, I went to the council and my name was written down as part of those who will take part in the works concerning the project and then I had hopes again for myself and my family" she explained

"With the benefits coming from this project, I am able to keep pigs, pay for my farms to be cultivated, I have regained my buisness as a buyam sellam."

"I thank the Mayor for allowing us carry on with the project with the use of hands because if he gave this project to the machines to do it, I would have been hopeless and there will be no future for me" Bih Gladys tells civiclens.

The project came as a result of a convention between MINEPAT and the Fundong Council, for the opening of Isaibal road, which is a far to market road, that leaves the fundong urban centre to the farms of most inhabitants, about 7 km.


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