Bamenda II Council Session: Mayor Revisits Council Revenue Situation

SDO for Mezam, Mayor and deputies

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council has called on Supervisory authourities to revisit the distribution of markets in the city of Bamenda, so as to begin sourcing revenue for the Council.

This was during a mid year evaluation, council session that held on Wednesday January 23 at the Bamenda II Council, evaluating projects envisaged for the January 2020 budget line.

According to the Mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Revenue stood at 731,850,321 Cfa, with a percentage of 49.83% and Expenditure at 120,665,223 with a percentage of 8.2%, observing that " much is still to be done as development is never an ending process".

The prevailing situation in the Northwest Region has hindered the Bamenda II Council from collecting taxes as a source for revenue, while Mayor Chenwi Peter emphasized that "to guarantee a steady source, council revenue, markets must come into play". He said.

Mayor Chenwi Peter remarked that projects realized are; the equiping of councils and giving assistance to schools, but for other projects still ongoing, under the Public Investment Budget( PIB).

The equiping of some intergrated health centers; Ntinkag and Chomba, Construction of some facilities; molding industry in Mbingfibieh to empower youths, constructing 2 claarooms and a civil status center in Mbatu, a Community hall in Ngulung and rehabilitation of rural roads.

He aslo mentioned the Fight against Covid-19 that is ongoing, but has supported stakeholders within his municipality to curb the spread, the MOU with GloTEN( Global Technology and Engineering Network) a Korean based Cooperation and the Training of Councilors; on the new decentralization code.

These amongst others were projects mentioned, to come to fruition through the collaboration of Mayors and the Administrative authourities in the Northwest Region.

Councilors, Bamenda II Council

The Mayor beckoned Councilors to be duty conscious and be able to suggest realistic projects that will bring development to the City of Bamenda.


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