Bamenda II Council Mayor boycotts Predecessor's Funeral

Pioneer Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Balick Awa Fidelis has been laid to rest, while his Successor, Mayor Chenwi Peter was visibly abscent, for a Council session.

His mortal remains have been lowered to Mother Earth on July 22nd 2020, at his residence in Ntambeng, Mankon- Bamenda.

Mourners turned out in their numbers to bid farewell to the "local development bulldozer", amongst them was The former Government Delegate Vincent Nji Ndumu, The Mayor for Bamenda III Council, Fonguh Cletus and his colleagues in the Board of Directors, Regional Hospital Bamenda.

Other information revealed that his successor, Mayor Chenwi Peter, was present at a council session and this prevented him from paying his last respect, to his predecessor, Balick Awa Fidelis.

The deceased was described by his former executive as a shinning light,that brought development to the local Communities in Mankon, and was remembered for hardwork and good leadership.

"Standing on behalf of the old executive, the councilors to bid farewell, to a fallen hero and our leader, because of his dynamism, he was elected in 2007 as pioneer Mayor of Bamenda II and did everything to develop his municipality. H was the center of politics, our mentor in politics, his demise adds to those the SDF party has lost". Late Mayor Balick's 1st deputy.

The Mayor of Bamenda IIII, Fonguh Cletus, spoke at the morgue as a colleague with whom the deceased had collaborated with in council and party activities.

"We worked in collaboration, designed projects together, he was a big pillar In the SDF party, he has held many positions in the party and loosing him creates a big vacuum. The Party Chairman sends words of Condolence, promising to be by the familly in such difficult moments, to encourage them to move on" Fonguh Cletus, Mayor Bamenda 3.

Mayor Balick Awa Fidelis was also part of Hospital's management and was known for ideas that breeds development.

Dr. Denis Nsame, Director of Regional hospital Bamenda recieved news of his demise on Sunday July 19th "after the medical team had employed efforts to stabilize his situation. His death should rather unite, tgant separate his familly" Dr Nsame said

Vincent Nji Ndumu, being Government Delegate at the time, knows the deceased like an elder brother. "As far as services rendered are concerned, it is very evident that, he was a very hard working person. Roads in ntarinkon and other parts of Bamenda 2, are Investments of not less than 500 million francs. He worked for about 3years as a member of the executive board of the Regional Hospital; with all the works going on at the hospital, is thanks to the efforts of the executive team, with Mayor Balick involved." Vincent Nji Ndumu.


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