Media: Bakah Derick Announced on New Reality TV Show

Bamenda based celebrated media personality Bakah Derick has confirmed he will be hosting a new Reality TV show to be produced in the city.

"I feel happy that the CEO of Mirror Entertainment bestowed his confidence in me to be host of his new product which is a reality TV Show. I am more so excited by the fact that he decided to use the initials of my name BD for the show. I am also satisfied with his technical capacity to produced such a show." Bakah Derick confided when we contacted him via a messaging app.

Though he refused to disclose how much he will be paid, the new reality TV Show host admits he will not be working for nothing. "The show will be able to provide some food for me and the family." He said with laughter adding "accepting to host the show is first because i love my town and i love the media. I have other things i do so hosting the show is not really for the money."

Expected to begin showing early July, The BD Show" according to the host will be "sharing the lifestyle" of his city stars  with a strong sense of humour. 

"Many people do not know our musicians, fashion designers, media professionals, photographers etc beyond their jobs. I think the CEO of Mirror Entertainment thought well to come up with such a platform where we can valourise and give more visibility to our city stars." He said. 

From Abakwa FM Radio Bamenda, The Guardian Post daily news paper, the Communication department of the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT, Hilltopvoices Multimedia, plenty of multimedia work etc,  Bakah Derick brings to the show a huge experience and full suitcase going by his popularity in the city.

By Ndefru Melanie

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