International Widows Day: Egwatcho Elizabeth Shares her Story, Seeks for Assistance

Many Widows have told stories of how they push through with life's challenges, living in extreme poverty and hardship, requesting assistance from people in their immediate environment in order to survive.

In some communities across the nation or in some countries across the world, stigmatization exist as being a widow is seen as a "taboo status". Most of these women fend for themselves and their children just to survive, yet society questions the means they get to do so.

Commemorating International Widows Day on June 23rd 2021 is all about "Creating Awareness Worldwide" and this year the day is celebrated under the theme " Invisible Women, Invisible Problems".

Talking to Madam Egwatcho Elizabeth, she says, " It is difficult coping on my own. I take up all the responsibility of my children's education, their upkeep and feeding all by myself".

She goes further to say, " Finance is a great challenge faced by us widows. If you do not have enough money for financing, some issues will arise, disturbing questions are asked as to where do get money for the children's upkeep." Madam Egwatcho Elizabeth continues to tell her Story.

Most times Widows believe they can always get help from in-laws and relatives, some say nothing is done and that this extended part of the family rather adds more stress to what the bereaved woman is already facing.

"If my in-law can come in to assist me financially together with family members and friends, it will help meet up with my children's demands; school fee, rent and upkeep. I struggle alone to see how I can provide for them. This I cannot do alone reasons why I need assistance from friends, family and in-laws".

"My husband was a civil servant. To follow up his files in Yaounde is a big problem. I had to collect his pension in Yaounde but I could not have access to it. If I suceeded with the files, it would have helped me and my children, to bring them up morally, education wise and financially."

"If a child has something to lean back on in the family, it makes them better people in society, while avoiding them get into frustration and being wayward". She explained.

She ended up reccomending that government should make it easy for widoes to follow up on their late husband's pension file in order to sustain the family left behind.

"We plead for assistance from the government, friends, relatives and family members because coping with such a situation is not an easy task".

By Fozao Vaniela

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