Revenue Collection Termed Slow as Bamenda I Council Host Administration.

Mayor Bamenda I Councilor, Mbigha Felix

The Mayor of Bamenda I Council, Mayor Mbigha Felix has cried foul during a Council session about the slow collection of revenue within his municipality, being one of the councils in the North West Region hosting Administration.
He made this statement appealing for the intervention of the Divisional Officer for Bamenda I during the 2021 budgetary session that held on December 30th 2020 in Bamenda, at the Conference hall of the Bamenda I Council.
"I wish to plead with the D.O for Bamenda I to intervene to see into it that Bamenda I Council continues to be respected, because there are challenges faced in Revenue Collection in the Bamenda I Municipality given that it is one of the Municipalities in the Region that is hosting Administration if the North West Region" Mayor Bamenda I, Mbigha Felix.

Partial View of the Hall

The income is balanced in Income and Expenditure at the total of 769,298,406 cfa compared to the 2020 budget of 448,966,512 cfa, experiencing and income increase of 320,331,894 cfa, representing a 71.34% increase.

Regional Council Anoh Olivia, Queen Mother Bamendankwe Palace
Tantoh Emmanuel,Regional Councilor

The Mayor reiterated the difficulties faced in revenue Collection, rating the Bamenda I council being one of the poorest in Cameroon. He introduced the Regional Councilors representing the Bamenda I Municipality at the Regional Council, Tantoh Emmanuel and Anoh Olivia, Queen Mother of the Bamendankwe Palace.

He beckoned on them to see into it that subventions are increased and hoping that through their efforts the Bamenda I Council will be respected and more projects will come to develop the area.

Reports from the different Committees suggested more collaboration from the councilors; to fight ghost towns, the continuous lookout for the local man's needs, the need for an action plan, a suggestion for the Fon of Bamendankwe to be a supivesory or adviser to one of the committees and the need for the Mayor to continue lobbying for funds, to push through with trending projects.

Voting and participating in realizing the budget for 2021 was not overemphasized, the Mayor urged councilors to be very committed ahead of the coming year 2021.

"We have been able to execute projects to the best of our ability as we came face to face with the expectations of the Community, while preparing the budget. Their needs were considered in the domains of rural road rehabilitation and construction, water provision and catchment protection, Protecting cultural heritage by equiping and providing for the mesuem." Mayor Mbigha Felix.

"Sanitation competition involving all quarters, building the Municipal hotel and the building of the low cost houses, urging the Fon of Mendankwe to prepare the land and pave the way for works to begin, mentioning the leisure site created for kids and familly arround the monument".

D.O Bamenda I, Guilbert Guibai Baldena

The D.O for Bamenda I, Guilbert Guibai Baldena reassured councilors of more seriousness regarding the issue of ghost towns beginning Monday 4th, asking councilors to go and sensitize the people about penalties that await those who break the rules.

"Sensitize those in your communities about sanctions that await defaulters, emphasizing on the need for this strategy to curb the respect of ghost towns taken seriously, asking the population to take the commitment to fight Ghost towns and go about their daily activities this coming year 2021" Guilbert Guibai Baldena, D.O Bamenda I.

By Ndefru Melanie


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