Population Gather In Peace Ecumenical Service, Marking End of Year 2020

View of Population at Peace Ecumenical Service

After 8months into Office, the City Mayor Achombang Tambeng Paul of the Bamenda City Council has brought together a good number of people for a Peace Ecumenical Service, as part of activities marking End of Year celebrations.

This service took place in Bamenda at the Governor's Explanade on December 29th, marking the End of Year amongst City Dwellers, while examining achievements/failures and declared what is envisaged in 2021. 

City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul

The City Mayor exclaimed that he never expected to realize such a turn out from the local population and according to him the gesture shows how the population is quick to forgive and are ready to turn a new leaf come 2021.

The people have been collaborative in some activities carried out by the City Mayor; cleaning gabbage and sharing in food items like rice oil maggi to alleviate hunger and poverty, encouraging sustainable livelihood which to him is a mark of hope, sowing a seed of unity.

"The essence of this meeting is that the the Bamenda Community is a familly, at the end of every year a familly gets together to make assessments of their performance of that year running out and make programs for the year running in" City Mayor.

"We looked in what ways we made it, ways in which we failed and sort to correct our failures, looking up for new grounds to break in 2021. This familly, the synergy between the population of Bamenda and the administration needs to remain stronger, united and prosperous. The ghost towns has never benefited any of us, it has no profit, we talk on that situation and made it clear to the people that we don't need it". Achombang T. Paul.

Governor NWR, carries Peace Plant and Flag (symbolizing Peace and Unity)

The Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique was pleased by the initiative of the City Mayor bringing people together to foster peace and  has given his support/permission to the City Mayor, to carry own with a plan of action that will contribute in restoring Peace in the North West Region.

"I thank the City Mayor who has initiated many initiative to quell down the situation faced in Bamenda, moving one step forward again to mobilize the entire Community to thank God for 2020 and usher a new year void of ghost towns, more Peace, more collaboration and living together amongst the population within the city of Bamenda. Let him take action as from Monday 4th to bring back long lasting normalcy in the Region" Governor North West Region.

By Ndefru Melanie 

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